Earth: Post-Cure

Imagine how the world would be without type 1 diabetes... Not just what we'll do when we're cured, but how different everything will be.

I wonder what they'll do with leftover research funds once it's cured (I know, I know, it'll probably go to the actual cure itself, but I like to think they'll throw XD's a party ;))

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

haha an ex D party would rock!!

OMG, I would wear my XD pants :) (anyone remember that? the skirt/pants/dress combo?)

lol i have no idea what that is


Just practicing for when we have a cure :)

lol you are so funny today girly!


lol well everyday. but today its really showing :)

Yikes, you mean my funny's showing?!

lol yes it is!!

I guess I can let that slip tonight :D I'll be more serious in the morning.


Candy companies will definately be down and out - my train of thought for this is only because I treat with candy, and many of you may as well. So we won't have to eat them any more :) Unless, of course, we get that party. In which case candy biz will be booming.

lol candy biz will be booming if we get that party!

Let's see... what else will change??

Hm. Well, I suspect that clothing sails will increase as we won't have to stick to buying articles with pockets :)

lol true. i might actually buy a dress for the party and a two piece swimsuit! cause i won't get bruises anymore! lol

We could sell left over syringes on the street in certain neighborhoods!
We X-D's could teach wannabe drug addicts the correct way to use them!

OK. OK.  I know some people won't find this funny but.......
and this is THE TRUTH...
I grew up on the same block as Howard Stern!

Howard Stern? LOL I haven't a clue, I'll have to Google that (unless you're willing to explain, LOL)

Hm. I wonder how much needles would go for this day, considering AIDS and all... I'm just kidding. Blame Paul. That was his fault.

Sling 'em for five a needle

Howard Stern is a radio guy, creates a lot of controversy but I think he is funny

Thanks, Joe :D

I'm thinking $7.50 though, dude, these are the cream of the crop or whatever the saying is LOL