Eassy I wirte on persavsiveing someone to do something

I think that other people should treat diabeteic's like they are normal people. Diabeteic's may have to take shot's, but they are regular people. They should be treated like other people are, because sometimes they can get treated like they are no one. It is sad how diabeteic's get treated sometimes. Like when they move to s new or diffent school. If they have a nurse that is trainned to help tak care of a diabeic,but sometimes the nurse will refuse to be trainned or help the diabeic if they need help. Also when they make new friends. When they finally tell thir friend's sometimes they will not accept that they have diabetes. And they will not talk to them or be friend's with them.

While other freind's want to lean more about diabetes. There are some people that they'll have diabetes,they won't tell their new friend's, because they would feel that if they did tell their friends, they would not want to be their friend. I kown what I am talking about because I can speak about this from a personal experience. I am a diabeic amd sometimes I am treated like i am someone who noone wants to be around.                                                                             Treat me nice!

I have, never, ever been treated poorly socially for being diabetic.  I don't go out of my way to tell people that I'm diabetic, but I constantly whip out needles and shoot up.  Sometimes people ask questions, and I'm always more than happy to answer any questions they may have.  I always treat diabetes like it's totally normal and I just gotta do what I gotta do, and everyone accepts it.  So, darlin', you've gotta own your diabetes.  Don't be ashamed of it, and no one will treat it like it's shameful.  If you're hanging crappy people, do what you can to make new friends.  I'm guessing you're in high school, and I know that it can be rough to try to find "new people" during that time in your life.  But you'll get older and things will change.  And the secret to being "cool" is to have complete confidence in yourself, and a fair degree of apathy toward haters.

Well I will be in high school in the fall right now i am in my last years of middle school. But when I get in high school I kown alot more people and i have a brother than nexted year will be his last year. than I will have 3 years by myself. I also have my friends that kown alot of people and my boyfriend will be in high school nexted year too so I will have my friend's and my boyfriend.