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Hi everyone,


I just joined and am wondering what I can do to save my daughters life.  She was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes on 2005, she was 7 years old then and she is about to turn 13 this year, in September.  HOW CAN I GET HER TO CARE?

Is there a support group for kids out in this area?  I live in Antioch, California.




Wendy Jo Escamilla


hello Wendy,  

13 is a tough age for anybody, having to cope with diabetes can make it even tougher.  it was brutal for me at 13, but I survived.  In fact if you poll the people here, many of them will tell you about their own tough times as a child...and then they were okay.    I think it's important to have support, to have faith, to give tough love, and to turn things over - you can't watch her forever so she's going to have to do it eventually.

you might want to get in touch with the Greater Bay JDRF office, the website is here


the JDRF chapter location search index is here


you may also want to be specific about what you 13 year old is doing, and maybe get some direct feedback?

good luck,.

The drama of teen girls... I think teens care about their lives and families, but do a great job of pretending they don't.  

A friend of mine from church who had great teens said she stopped in her kids rooms EVERY night to talk for a few minutes, usually just asking about their days and giving teens a chance to bring up issues on their minds.  She thought it helped keep the lines of communication open.

This article talks about the struggles type 1 teens have.  


Mine is 11 going on 16. It can be a nightmare. I think diabetes camp helps.