Easy-to-apply device tapes

Hi everyone— Any recommendations for device over tapes that are easy to apply with just 1 hand?
Despite saying I’d never go back to a pump, I’ve returned to the Omnipod. I am liking it a lot more this time around… except I’m really having trouble finding an over tape that is easy to apply with one hand! Because I like to use my arms and back for sites, I often find myself using a site that makes it hard or impossible to apply an over tape one-handed. My favorite tapes for Dexcom come from Pump Peelz, but I have found that their pod tapes tend to crinkle up when you try to apply the last portion (they have 4 separate paper backings).
I’d appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

I use Simpatches with my Dexcom sensor and have to peel as you do. I use a shield between the tape and the sensor, turning the tape and shield upside down, sticking them together, then placing over the inserted sensor.

It’s much easier than trying to place single handed, and the Simpatch tape never touches the sensor tape, so if I need to replace the Simpatch the sensor stays in place. They make shields for Omnipod as well - I’ve seen them on Amazon and eBay.

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