Eating at Disney World?

I'm going to Disney World in Florida next month. This will be my first trip to Disney with Type 1. Does anyone have any dining tips for eating healthy without breaking the bank?

I just went to Disneyworld a couple months ago for my honeymoon. The best options for food are offsite, places like Subway offer so many healthy choices at reasonable prices and their nutritional information isw readily available, and the Subways in Florida serve breakfast all day. If that is not a feasible option there are many places inside the resort that have healthier options, you should pick up fromer's guide to Disney World, they have a comprehensive list of all the restaurants, what types of food they serve, and even the price range. Also going to a market out there and purchasing your own snacks and water will not only save you money, but give you healthy snack options that are affordable as well.

I can tell you that eating in the parks is an expensive event generally.  You can pack a lunch that suits your needs and if you tell them you are diabetic (if the ask, as they do check bags) you will have no problem!  Leaving the park and coming back is a hassle.

The best option is to pack you own!! (Water too!!)

Have fun!