Eating Disorder Treatment Center for Anorexia + T1D

My 14 yo daughter has had T1D since age 2.5 and was recently diagnosed with Anorexia. We have been trying since January to find a facility that can accommodate and manage her T1D. She was in a residential facility in Tallahassee, FL that said they had T1Ds all the time. But after only 1 week there she was in the hospital twice because they would not let her bolus for meals or have access to her insulin to refill her pump. Needless to say we are hesitant to send her to another residential facility but know that is what she absolutely needs. Please contact me if you have had success at a facility or know of a reputable one. Also, I’m sure she would love to connect with others who are successfully managing both.

Hi @Sullivansfive . I’m really out of my element here since I don’t have kids, but I know parents put 504 plans in place for their children in school - if you have one could it be used in her program’s facility? Or as an alternative could her doctor could give them orders to follow?

I can totally relate! I was dx when I was 14 (I’m now 51) and struggled with disordered eating for a long time. Girls and women with T1DM are close to 2.5 times more likely to develop eating disorders than those who do not have diabetes. Ann Goebel-Fabbri, PhD is an expert whose book is very helpful: [[Prevention and Recovery from Eating Disorders in Type 1 Diabetes, Injecting Hope]
(Dr. Goebel-Fabbri's book — Ann Goebel-Fabbri, PhD)]

There are a limited number of treatment centers that support women with T1D, which I think is essential for recovery, here are a few: