Eating Disorder?!?!

Does anyone have a binge-eating eating disorder!!! Please share. I feel so alone and really need some help right now…

Hi @DanceStar2016,

I am so very sorry that you are struggling. I don’t have experience with binge-eating disorder but, here is a website dedicated for people with diabetes and eating disorders: I hope that it will help you! Please let me know if you need anything else!


Yes, for most of my life. The truth is, diabetes makes us be weird with food. We’re supposed to obsess on it and constantly have people tell us what we “should” or “shouldn’t” eat. I always thought my appetite was messed up after years of not being hungry, or even being nauseous, but having to eat to treat a low.

Diabetes and binging is a terrible combo because it’s impossible to bolus accurately for large portions of food.

I’d had freedom here and there from binging over the years and noticed when I started a new job or moved to a new city it would stop for a short time. So for years I tried to outrun it, but it would always come back. I’ve also struggled with starving myself or exercising obsessively to offset the binges. I didn’t gain a lot of weight until I got older because I had crazy high blood sugars and hyperthyroidism.

I’ve tried counseling and Overeaters Anonymous. They didn’t really help me but maybe it would work for you.

There have been 3 things that have really helped me:

  1. I prayed. I’m a Christian who’s called out to God and I know he’s trying to help me.
  2. A book called “Binge No More: Overcoming Disordered Eating.” My husband found it for me at Barnes and Noble and it was one of the first books I’ve found that gives step by step guides to avoiding binging. Most books treat anorexia and bulimia like “real” eating disorders and binge eating like you just need self control. This book gets to the heart of it and really helped.
  3. Qsymia. It’s an appetite suppressant my endocrinologist recommended. She said that in addition to not making insulin, type 1s don’t make the hormone that regulates appetite. As soon as I started taking it I immediately stopped binging. I have not had the urge and feel sane around food. This had been the answer to prayers and I also know the work I’ve done learning not to use overeating for stress relief or any other purpose has allowed me to be okay now that the physical impulse is gone.

You are most definitely not alone. In my experience eating disorders don’t go away. Start fighting it and kick it’s butt. There are plenty of people who have overcome eating disorders and I plan to be one of them. No reason you can’t be one too!

not binge eating, but I had bulimia. I got help though, through my BF. I felt like I was supper fat, so I didn’t dose for food only glucose levels, and I would throw up my food. It’s tough but you can conquer any eating disorder.

I had some issues with anorexia. At the time I was really stressed with school/sports, it was my senior year of high school, and my blood sugars were running higher than I liked as well. I decided that by not eating then my blood sugars would be lower. After I eliminated the major stressers in my life, I was able to better focus on taking care of my blood sugars. Recognizing what the underlying factor may be and trying to eliminate it might help. It will be hard but with determination and time you can conquer this, as others have previously said.