Eating ... feeling weird

Sometimes when I eat I feel weird … the only way to describe is mainly I just feel weird . Sorry I can’t describe it very well I just don’t feel normal sometimes eating .
Does this happen to anyone ?

Right after you eat or while you are eating? Does it depend on what you eat or when?

Generally while eating and I haven’t paid attention to what I’m eating . I should do that though.

Just a wild guess from Jersey: It’s not hard to rule out. Feeling weird? take your blood pressure.

Decrease in blood pressure after eating

Just as blood pressure can increase after eating, low blood pressure after eating can occur. If someone experiences a lightheaded feeling or dizziness after having a meal, it could be postprandial hypotension. decrease in blood pressure can be accompanied by nausea or even chest pain. This happens because the heart fails to respond properly to the eating of food. Sometimes, more blood just flows to the digestive system, leading to a reduction in blood pressure of the other parts of the body.

A decrease in blood pressure after eating could be related to a gene mutation, a chronic disease, such as diabetes, nerve damage of some sort, or simply be due to aging.

Including foods that are digested slowly, drinking an adequate amount of water before a meal, and avoiding strenuous activity right after a meal can help those who have experienced low blood pressure after eating.

Hope you feel better

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@joe it’s not necessary lightheaded it’s just more the fact I feel weird . I can’t really explain it I just don’t feel normal .

hi @loveables196 Michelle, =) they told me “normal” is just a setting on a washing machine…

you did originally say lightheaded up at the top… so that’s what the guess was based on - the feeling of stuff in your stomach may or may not be easy to describe…

diabetes and gastroparesis, neuropathy, and other weirdness of nerve endings may be significant because it’s stuff that happens to us… but it might not… … or may not… heck it could be guilt that you’re feeling.

anyway it either bothers you, or it doesn’t, if it does, then some diagnosis might be needed and a lot of “trial-and-error” we just hope you feel better.

good luck.

Thanks for the kind words