Eating without counting

I did this today, this evening actually im still waiting to see how it plays out but i screwed up big time.

I was low (50) and ate an amount that i can't remember D8 and now i feel my blood sugar rising its probably not over 200 yet but i am super sensitive to blood sugars over like 170.

Anyone else have an issue with counting with low blood sugars? I just want to eat! lol

Whenever I'm low I am a bottomless pit.  It's hard not to continue eating until you feel better.  The feeling is so icky that I want to make sure I get enough carbs in me so my blood sugar goes up as quickly as possible.  I HATE being low.  It's soooo hard to just eat your 1 carb and sit patiently until you're blood sugar goes up.  Sad to admit, but I rarely ever due the Rule of 15.  I usually try to drink a juice box when I'm low.   That way it's a pre-measured amount, I can drink it quickly and keep plugging away at whatever
I was doing before.     

My dad is that guy that freaks when his bs gets low and will eat everything in sight. Doesn't matter for him because he's on the pump and can easily correct it.

For me on the other hand, I always stick to the 15 carb. rule because I'd just rather not have to give myself an extra shot just because I ate too much to correct. 

I'm on the pump too so it's a little too easy to "cheat".  Another problem I run into is splurging on something when I'm low thinking "oh, I'm low....I can eat this".  I give myself an extra bolus thinking everything is fine but don't take into account the calories.  My muffin top is mysterously getting bigger.  My 6 year old daughter is the same way...she almost gets excited when she's low because that means she can eat.....hence her love/hate relationship with food begins...

I totally agree. If I am low especially below 60 I just want to eat so I either have to remove myself from the kitchen or whatever sourse of food after i eat my 15grams or else take a guestitated amount of insuling to cover whatever I managed to devour in the time it took for my BG to get up.

i don't count and never have.

i grab whatever i can. usually i have a glass of coke or juice, with two cookies or a few crackers. i wait(unless i am really low, then i just go straight for a second glass of coke or juice), then if i'm still feeling low and i test and i haven't raised enough..another glass i go and more cookies or crackers or whatever. i repeat that until my blood sugar hits 4.5 and then i have a glass of milk and go on with my day.

haha i'm am guilty of this. :) constantly. I woke up at 34mg/dl the other day and ate SOOO much.  I bolused the amount I thought I ate but I ended up still rebounding. meh such is life with diabetes!!