Edema :(

Does anyone else suffer from this?? It just started for me about a year ago. It sucks being 25 and at the end of everyday my ankles look like cankles and my feet are all puffy :frowning: just wondering if ANYONE has some good advice on how to treat it or has had experienc with it.


There could be a number of things going on, perhaps not even diabetes-related. Have you had your kidney function tested recently? Hopefully your endo is checking it with your quarterly blood tests, but many endos don’t raise any alarms until your eGFR level falls below 60, which is Stage 3 kidney disease. My endo alerted me at Stage 2 (below 90), which I was grateful for so I could start taking action. If your kidney function is fine, you might be retaining water for other reasons, and a GP could assist you with the cause, and prescribe a diuretic or other treatment.


Thanks for the response! Yes, I recently had a lot of blood work done due to what’s going on with this swelling issue and all my tests came back good. It’s quite frustrating and alarming to me when doctors really don’t have an answer :frowning:

I was seen by a cardiovascular surgeon before my Type 1 Diabetes was diagnosed. This was way back in the late 70’s. He used some kind of machine to diagnose me with lymphema. He said my lymphatic system never fully developed. Custom fitted Jobst Pressure Gradient Support Hose were prescribed. I had a very precise fitting in the morning, after elevating my legs over my heart overnight, so that my lower extremities would be their smallest. The tights that I wore were waist high and hard as heck to put on each morning. I wore opague tights over them because they were not attractive and had a thick seam up the back of the leg. The relief I felt was amazing and immediate! I was told that I would need to wear them for the rest of my life. They were expensive, so after I finished college, and I was on my own, I couldn’t afford to buy them anymore. The pressure gradient hose weren’t covered by insurance.I made lifestyle changes like avoiding walking and standing for more than 20 minutes. I also avoided wearing closed toe shoes to prevent the pain. You may have seen my recent blog about surviving 20 days in a coma. Well, since I started physical therapy and began walking for 15 minutes at a time, my swelling is out of control; it is making my toes up to my thighs ache. I’ve been told that I need to start wearing pressure gradient hose again. I’ll be looking into it and probably getting a referral to a cardiovascular surgeon or specialist to get a new prescription. You didn’t mention yoour age, but lymphedma appears in the teens, when the lymphatic system is supposed to mature. You may want to have your doctors look into it, if you are in your teens or early 20’s. Best wishes.