has anyone dealt with ED's with Diabetes?  I know it's more common than most people know.  It would be nice to have people to discuss it with, as there aren't really support groups locally for ED's muchless diabetic ED's.



Eating disorders are a major issue and certainly take on a whole additional dynamic when the person affected is a T1D.  I believe this is worth a whole group - you can suggest it in: http://juvenation.org/groups/inputfeedback/default.aspx 

It sure would be worth adding and I look forward to hearing more from you!!!





I dealt with some diabulimia after I was first diagnosed. 

I'm over it now; it has taken some serious effort...But I understand how you feel. 


Yes I definitely have. I actually just made a mini intro post and I mentioned that! But I completely agree. I felt really alone through it all and it would help to have a group that people can go to. 

I just now read my post and understood how that sounded!

I didn't mean that I'm "over" it; I just meant that I am not doing it anymore. It is a constant battle, you know? 

I have been battling with diabulimia since last year. It's constantly on my mind and I know it hurts my mom when I do it but it's so hard to stop since it's so easy with having t1d.

I've had diabetes for about 13 years.  When I was younger my mom kept me on a strict schedule and diet (and kept my diabetes under get control) but once I got older I rebelled and ate what I wanted when I wanted and didn't pay any attention to giving myself insulin.  I stayed skinny but soon found out that I exhausted my thyroid and raised my cholesterol with my unhealthy habits.  I started taking better care of myself but my poor eating habits made me gain a lot of weight and for a couple years I just went back and forth with caring for my diabetes.  when I was 23 I finally started using the minimed pump and fell in love.  I finally was using the medication I needed but still needed help with how to eat (I had gained a total of 35 pounds and none of it was muscle).  I exercised but never really lost any weight until I found this website.  The people here understand and want to help.  I started eating more vegetables and leaner protein and finding better things to snack on.  I've lost 10 pounds in the past 2 months from eating healthy (not being on a diet, just changing my lifestyle), stength training with some cardio and yoga.  I like yoga the best, it helps me focus on me which keeps me motivated to keep up what I'm doing.

You're not alone, it is hard but you have a great support system now.  Once you get into it a couple weeks, you won't want to go back.  I'm so addicted to veggies and exercise now and I used to hate it.  And I can't tell you how relaxed my mom is now that I take care of myself.  Don't see it as something you have to do because of the disease, see it as something that is just good for you.  Everyone should do this (diabetic or not) because it just makes you feel good from the inside out.

Hi i dont personally have diabetes, or an eating disorder. But one of my best friends has diabetes and used to have a eating disorder... but she realized that the flap of skin from the shots was just part of her, and she does sit ups every night to keep it looking the best that scar tissue can look...


Hope i was helpful