ok so my hair used to be thick and beautiful..but the last couple of months everytime i touch it i lose a handful. it is so erritating my hair is thinning out. still looks nice, but is on my last nerves. i dont get why it is falling out so bad. its kind of worrying me because hair loss this bad is never a good sign. and on top of that i am always light headed and nausiated. i just wanna know whats wrong with me now.

I would definitely check in with your doctor just in case.

I see in your photo that you're holding a baby. I don't know if it's yours, but about 3 months post-pregnancy, it's common to loose lots of hair that didn't fall out naturally during the 9 months.


ya she is. maybee that is what it is. thanks for that. i hope that its just something silly and not serious.

Its normal for a mom to lose a LOT of hair about 4-6 months after having a baby. Google it its all over the web.

These are also some of the signs of hypothyroidism, another autoimmune disorder which many people with T1 have. It would be worth getting your thyroid levels checked. If they were low, you would probably be started on a pill to supplement, which relieves the symptoms for most people. Good luck!

Ask your doctor for a celiac test, hair loss is a fairly classic symptom so is light headedness and nausea. I hate to sound sure of myself, but celiac is really likely.

my family donated some stuff we didnt need like clothes to the canadian diabetes assosiation today.(canadian diabetes assosiation works on type 2 too though) does that count?

my family holds a charity event in my town and we donated all procedes wich in total was around 40,000 charitys like jdrf run off donations like ours you should never feel like they dont need it cause in reality they really do!!!

[quote user="Courtenay"]

my family donated some stuff we didnt need like clothes to the canadian diabetes assosiation today.(canadian diabetes assosiation works on type 2 too though) does that count?



sure it counts. you donated something that helped them raise money for diabetes. doesn't matter that they help t2's as well, we're all in this disease together. they sell the clothes in mass to places like valuevillage.

depending on if the clothesline calls me before the big brothers&big sister's one does, i usually give them my old clothes/the clothes left over from the swaps me and my friends have a few times a year.

other than that, if there's a coin thing going on at the store i'm at i'll drop change in, and i raised money for the walk this year..but that's about it. don't got a lot to spare as it is!


i donate about $25 every year. when i donate just kind of depends if i'm participating in the local walk or not. if i am, i usually donate around march, if not, i typically donate around october because that's when my company does a storewide fundraiser. it always makes me feel good! great job, wolf (and everyone else) on donating!

Any donation counts. It all goes for the betterment of Diabetics. Type 1 and 2. They are doing the diabetes shoe at the local supermarket. To the cashier, i dont look like the type that wants to donate a dollar for a shoe to help diabetes. so they dont ask me like they do other customers. so at the end of my order of groceries...i say yeah i will take a few of the diabetic shoes. they always look suprised. :)   The heavy metal gothic lookin guy wanting to help out. They dont have a clue lol.

I guess I work too much. I use all my over time pay to support local charities. This month so far I gave $20 to Swim Across The Sound, $20 to Relay for life, $20 to the Tommy Cancer Research Fund Radiothon, and im giving $20 to the JDRF. oh and i should be getting my notice from St. Judes and I give them $20 a month for Cancer research.