Elevated blood sugar in my non-D child?

My 7 year old son went for blood work yesterday and his blood sugar came out elevated, it was 129 (taken at a lab). Unfortunately I'm used to seeing 200+ in Gavi, so to me 129 is a good number, but I know it's elevated. He wasn't fasting and I'm not sure what time he may have had a snack. His pediatrician wants us to test him in the morning with Gavi's monitor and to tell him what the number is, and he also wants us to take him to the lab to get a fasting number. I just sent Gavi's endo. an e-mail to get her opinion, but I won't get a response until sometime tomorrow and I'm a little anxious right now. I know we can't control what happens, but I pray he doesn't develop it. 

Is he on any medicines? Some will raise it.. I'm not all sure what though.
Honestly though, I don't think you should worry about this one time thing but I know parents tend to worry over everything.

I once checked my non-D son because he was drinking and peeing a lot and not eating much. His sugar was somewhere in the 130s. I'm so used to my D-son's target of 100-200 that I had a moment of relief before I realized that it was actually high. I called the endo office and they told me not to panic yet. He had eaten a graham cracker about 30 minutes before and I was told that even a person without D has a spike after eating. The next morning I did a fasting BG check and it was fine. Later that day he came down with a fever and that can also cause a spike. He ended up being fine and hasn't had any diagnosis.


Test first thing in the morning and make sure your son's hands are clean.  Also use a new lancet to before testing.  Hope everything is okay.

I would just do a couple of days of morning checks before taking him to the lab to get a fasting test. If the morning checks are elevated then I would go for the fasting test - otherwise I'd just wait. As other have said, I go thru periods of being paranoid about my non-D daughter showing symptoms but she is always fine. 129 I believe would only be considered high if it was truly fasting. Since it was not, I would try not to be freaked out. (Operative word - TRY).

I've tested my non-diabetic siblings and close friends before, and I have seen numbers as high as 150, and none of these people have diabetes or have developed it.

"Normal" people's bloodsugar fluctuates too. People suffer from low blood sugar when they haven't eaten all the time - hands shake, low energy, trouble concentrating... then their bodies kick in and bring them back. The same happens after they eat, they briefly swing up before come back down.

As others have suggested, try some fasting tests, that is the best way to really figure out what is going on.

129 is not elevated if it's post meal, depending on what was eaten. For example, my non-D friend registered at 234 once after having a bunch of candy. 

We did a few random tests and they all seem normal. This morning it was 90 and 2 hours after dinner tonight it was 113, and Gavi was 211. I'm so used to seeing high numbers in Gavi that I don't even know if the 90 and 113 are normal! 

90 and 113 are completely normal and right where they should be, especially after eating. If you are still worried, definitely talk to your endo though, they should be able to relieve your fears.

Kids have "normal" highs ... I would not get too wigged out about it ... happened to my sons too, but NEVER (yet) developed into anything ...

I, too, worry about my non-D child getting T1 as well.  We actually just bought the over the counter HgbA1c kit to test our non-D a few months back when she was also extra thirsty and had a random sugar f 130 (comes in packs of 2 for $29.99 and results are ready in 5 minutes.)  As you know that will give you a three month average and might be more reassuring. You are not alone- I think many of s worry about our non-D kids getting it as well!  For me, the worry has gotten less the longer my T1 child has had it.

That happened to both of my sisters one was like in the 300's (freakin' weird right?) but it turned out she had a whole bag of crasins and it just shot her through the roof and her body didn't have the time to straighten it out. And my other sister had a low blood cell count (she is anemic) and more sugar to usual was clinging to her blood cells. So I wouldn't worry to much about it since he wasn't fasting when it happened.