Emails that say I might be at risk

I have been a diabetic for about 14-15 years....I have been on the insulin pump for about 6- which I love by the way (and for those just starting, I had the hardest time with it for the first year or two, and then I learned to love that one stab in my belly every 3 days is much better then 6 times day lol) and I just got an email that was sent to my blackberry...

in the subject line....

"How you might be at risk for diabetes!".....I wanted to scream in multiple different directions with different profanity thrown in there....haha...I get about one a week and I would like to thank the medical websites for pointing out why I "might" be at risk...instead just send me an email that says "you have diabetes, and we have the cure!"----that email would make me 123904782094823 times happier! :-)


Just ranting...and even talking about it makes my sugars jump! :-) Have a good day all!

Rant away. I am still fairly new to Club 1, but the e-mail I saw said there was cure and something about coffee enema. LOL Can you believe these people!!!!

ha ha that made me laugh....its just beyond frustrating...its either that or the phrase "you can't have that, your diabetic, and my grandma is too and she can't have sugar either!"......I try to educate them and point them in the right direction, but I know that they will continue to think diabetics must eat sugar free, low sugar, or just cardboard! :-).....I really should get my sugars down before typing away haha

The new ADA recommended diet: three square meals of cardboard each day. Proven to keep you full and keep your blood sugar levels steady!

If you're on the exchange diet, each meal consists of:

  1. 1 serving of cardboard
  2. 1 1/2 servings of glue
  3. 1 serving of styrofoam peanuts
  4. 1 serving of bubble wrap

You know, all the major food groups:  paper, adhesive, and packing materials.  You'll never have a number above 120 again!


That's too funny. :-)


Actually - and unfortunately - that's not true.  Type 1's can still develop the insulin resistance that leads to Type 2 (at least that's what my old endo told me).

Yeah, actually they say its very true, we can become insulin resistant...I make zero insulin, and now my body is slightly rejecting it, and now I have to take metformin, but I only take one 500mg at night because my sugars at night are slighly higher then I would like them, and when I increase my insulin at night my body tends to hate me...if I lose weight I wouldn't have to take it...