Embarassing Moments with Diabetes

Thought this post on Diabetes Daily was great.  http://www.diabetesdaily.com/voices/2013/04/embarrassing-moments-with-diabetes/?utm_source=MailingList&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2013-04-10+Most+Embarrassing

I've had many embarassing,  and some downright comical, moment from diabetes.  Of course my family and friends remember them all and tease me about them.  =) 

I have a similar situation, but with some girl I like, whenever I hang out with her, I get low blood sugar, my friends still tease me saying I just didn't have the gut, but it was something else I'll tell you that, but yeah, wasn't too bad but it was embarrassing for me at the time

Excitement lowers blood sugars, you must have been excited to see her.  As a kid I aways had lows the first day of school.  And on my wedding day I barely took any insulin at all.  

I've had plenty of embarrassing moments with lows, but one of the worst wasn't even caused by a bad blood sugar. I had just started on a CGM and was still getting used to the alerts it sets off for highs, lows, weak signal...etc. I had taken my girlfriend out on a nice date and she decided to "reward" me. In the heat of the moment I took off the pump and didn't think anything of it. Two minutes later the damn thing starts incessantly beeping to the point I had to get up and deal with it. My girlfriend still didn't fully understand diabetes so she refused to do anything else until I treated myself for whatever was going on. It took twenty minutes for her to understand that the beeping was just from me being disconnected for too long and by that point the moment had passed and I was frustrated. Fortunately, a few months later she understands things a little better.