Embarassing Question

Anybody have to go to the bathroom a lot at night?  It does not appear I even have high blood sugar, and I get up a lot.  Is this diabetes, or maybe something else?  Has anybody seen a doc for this? 

Dave, pls go see a doctor, it could be a kidney/bladder or UT infection, or nothing, or prostate, etc.

Dave I agree with Joe.  You should go to the doctor.  I don't have diabetes, my 4 year old daughter does but I do know that the only time she goes to the bathroom alot is when she is running a pretty high blood sugar.  As for me....I get chronic kidney infections, infact they are talking about doing surgery to remove that kidney and I can tell you that you have to pee constantly when you have a kidney or bladder infection.  Sometimes it hurts but generally not until it gets pretty bad.  There is a good chance you have an infection and with a few anti biotics you could be rid of it with no problem.  Good luck

Heyy Dave. I agree with both Joe and Crystal that you  should see a doctor to make sure that everything is okay. Although I have known diabetics to have to go to the bathroom a lot at night because of all the water the ingested during the day because of high bloodsugars. Good luck bud.

This has happened to me for a few years now. My urologist has given me a med called Rappoflo (sp?) to help me empty my bladder each time. The nerve damage that can occur with long term diabetes can result in weakened muscles needed to pass urine. Therefore the bladder is not fully emptied, so more frequent trips to the bath room are needed. David, we were both dx at the same age, but you are 20+ years younger than me. it is still possible this might be your problem. A urologist can diagnose your problem. It is very simple to see if you are emptying your bladder while you are in that doctor's office.

I am just helping you be aware of other potential explanations for this. I don't like to leave any stones unturned.