Embarrassing beyond description!

When I was on vacation in South Carolina, we went on a dolphin boat ride. There was my family, a friend, the captian, and I.  I had decided to take my chances and not go to the bathroom in the portapotty.  So, we got on the boat and left, my mother told me to test and I said I would later.About 4 bottles of water and an hour later I had the sudden urge to pee! So I demanded that we stop for a minute somewhere so I could go to the bathroom.  They disagreed, that was a bad decision on their part.  About 5,10 minutes later i exploded!!!!!  My friend noticed the weird dripping liquid first!  Everyone started to crack up. I was urinating on the fricken boat!!!!!!! So we ended stopping at a fancy resturaunt on the coast.  My mom and my friend ran in with me while the boys hosed out the boat.  There I was in a beyond description fancy resturaunt with my soaked shorts and my friend and mom.  I yelled for my mom to get in front of me so the fancy people wouldn't see and my friend to go behind me.  When we got to the bathroom, I realized it was very difficult to dry my shorts.  When we got back on the boat and continued our "lovely" boat ride no one would let what just had happened! They all just kept going on and on about what had just happened and would crack up at anything that at even a little bit to deal with it! I was really pissed!!!!

After we were done with the boat ride and were on our way back to the hotel, I tested and found out it was extremely high!  No wonder I went through alot of water and peed without being able to stop!

Hoped you guys liked this very embarrassing peice of information!

Hahaha :D