Emergency help !MINIMED 630G critical error on my pump

my pump suddenly lock!just alert and screenplay like this》》》

i have already check the userbook。anyone friend who have encountered similar situations? how to fix?
thanks a lot

I don’t use this pump but google found a post on another forum that said the solution was to call Medtronic’s 24 hour support line 1-800-646-4633. Hope this helps.

First step should be to call tech support. They should be open 24/7.

thanks, i have called the service line. need replace a new one

thanks a lot. need replace a new one.

Wow, sorry to hear that! Hopefully you are still under warranty. I’ve heard Medtronic is very good about getting replacements to people quickly. In the meantime is back to shots.

Hello @zyzmic

Diabetes 24-hour emergency assistance helpline (Hong Kong): [+852 2919-6441](tel:+852 2919-6441)
Diabetes product ordering hotline (Hong Kong): [+852 2919-1322](tel:+852 2919-1322)

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THX,replaced new one.

last week,HONGKONG hotline nobody answer…
I send email to service centre,already reply mail——no way to fix,just replacement.

I’m sorry to hear that - hopefully you got your replacement quickly.
A suggestion: when the warranty runs out on your first pump and you get your new one, keep the first one as a backup just in case. If you have issues with your new pump you can and use the old one until a replacement arrives.