Emergency ID

what kind of emergency ID do you have ,and how long did it take you to wear it?

I have a nice white gold ID bracelet that my mom order for me like the day after I got diagnosed, and have been wearing it since about a week after my diagnoses. I really don't mind it, I hardly ever remember that I am even wearing it.

a laurenshope bracelet. http://www.laurenshope.com/

I recently invested in a silver bracelet- I've done the necklaces and various bracelets, but I knew that I wanted something discreet enough to not get in the way or be obnoxiously medical but that would still help an EMT or whoever else would need it in an emergency. I was already used to wearing a watch, so it wasn't that big of a change- my new one is a really narrow silver bracelet with my name engraved on one side and "Diabetes-Insulin Pump" on the other.


I got it off of this website, but I know it's one source of many: http://www.stickyj.com/medical-emergency-medical-id-bracelets.html

I have a dog tag.  It is something that Nick Jonas and Bayer are doing.  I used to wear it all the time when I first got it, but I kinda got out of the habbit f wearing it.  It's pretty cool though.  It has the lyrics to Nick's song on it, it says "a little bit longer, and i'll be fine"  It only cost $5.

Here is the link if you wanna check it out.. http://www.nickssimplewins.com/dogtags

I have silicone medical bracelets, they're light weight and comfy. I have tried the traditional medic alert items (bracelet/necklaces) in the past and did not like them. I found these silicone bracelets on e-bay about 2 years ago and have worn them since.

I had a Medic Alert necklace right after I was disgnosed and hated it.  I wore it a couple of times and eventually lost it.  That was 22 years ago and I haven't worn anything since. 

My son (10) wears a silicone bracelet.  We tried several kinds right after he was diagnosed; but he didn't like them, got in the way, or didn't hold up.  So, at the Portland Diabetes Expo we found these silicone bracelets.  He put it on and hasn't taken it off for 4 months.  ---- Well, except for his soccer games; which is a whole other post.

Important habit to have. 

Has anyone thought about getting a tattoo on one of their wrists? I've read that EMTs are not trained to look for tattoos at all, which is completely understandable. I do think it would be pretty cool, though. You'd never have to worry about forgetting to put it on, haha. 

A guy on LA Ink got a tattoo on his bicep as a medic alert/cool tattoo: http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/la-ink-surfers-diabetic-id.html

I wear the medical alert necklace things they sell at the drug store.  I've worn one since diagnosed.  I wear it all the time.  I only take it off for one thing.  It's very discrete which I like.  I've had some bracelets too, but people always ask about it.  And I won't be getting any tattoos.

I started with a medic alert when I was first diagnosed, but being that it was a necklace most people would not think to checkc around ones neck if there was an issue. I switched a few month's back to a leather bracelet from n-style id and it is really nice and they have many options for necklaces/bracelets and the like. Most people when they see it just comment on it being a nice braclet, not really noticing that it serves a purpose other than decoration.

My son wears a standard drugstore silver bracelet only because since he turned 12 he can swim at the pool alone. I won't let him without some sort of ID, once I put it on him he just never took it off which suits me just fine. We've tried soooo many different ID's but he won't wear any of them. Luckily we've not hidden the fact that he has T1 so everybody he's with knows. Just going to the pool alone was not a factor I was willing to budge on...


Hey Brian,

Just wanted to say thank you for the wedsite for N-style id, checked it out and it's pretty cool and will even deliver to my neck of the woods.

And it has to be said when I 1st read your quote I laughed pretty hard and I would agree with it.



I have a silver medic alert bracelet now..got it for my 19th(or maybe it was my 20th..) birthday. Before that I had a metal regular medic alert bracelet..had that from day 1 when I was diagnosed at age 6(only took it off to have loops added when it got to small). Same style as my silver one, only it was metal.

I rarely. I think the only time I've taken if off in the last two years, was when i modelled for a friend and it got in the way so instead of him having to try and photoshop it out, i just took it off for 5minutes. before that it was probably when i got it and had to switch from my old one to my new one.

hey. i wear a necklace. i change the chains out so i get a variety of colors, but my pendant is a small silver square and it has the medical symbol engraved into it and on the back it says diabetic..i wear it all the time..i got it about 3 days afer i was diagnosed