Emotional Spikes

I've been going through a lot of ups and downs lately and every time I get upset I get crazy high spikes in my blood sugar.  I was wondering if this happens to anyone else?  How do you handle it?

If this has been addressed before please let me know where! :)

That happens to me whenever I get really upset, anxious, or mad.  I was told that your emotions will make your BG go up.  The only thing I do is just keep checking it and give a correction if needed.

This happens to me ALL the time.  If I get upset or if I get really stressed at work my blood sugar goes through the roof.  I have been trying really really hard to not let myself get stressed or upset but that is quite hard at time especially with my job.  So I just make sure that I check often and correct if need be. 

When I get really stressed I spike high as well. Try to do blood tests frequently and treat accordingly. Trying to find ways to de-stress may help, although sometimes I think that advice is much easier said than done.

Also, if there are specific things that you know upset you, try to avoid them, whether it be conversation topics or an actual person. Personally, I've found a good cleaning/reorganizing sometimes helps. If I am stressed at work then I come home to a disorganized environment where I can't find things, I get even more upset, translation = spiking blood sugar.

happens to me all the time. anytime i'm upset, angry, stressed, anything like that. i just try to calm down and make sure it doesn't get too high

Since I went on the CGM, I've noticed intense stress causes me to spike up while slight day to day things don't bother my BG's. When I realize I'm getting so worked up that it's making my BG's spike up, it's usually a good kick in the butt for me to calm myself down. (; I usually try to tell myself "I'll worry about it tomorrow but not now" and by the next day I feel calmer.

I also get crazy highs over stress.  I have had to rearrange a lot lately to deal with stress because it's just making things worse.  I try to use meditation pratices and sometimes that or just deep breathing will help me get things under control.  I have anxiety medication for bad days, but I don't like to take it too much...  I just try to keep a close eye on bg when stressing and be careful with corrections, sometimes things will calm down by themselves and I'll get lows after correcting due to stress:)

I definitely feel different emotionally when my blood is high or low. If I am high, I try to go for a walk or exercise to get my blood sugar down and calm myself down too. If I am low, I grab a snack and just sit and relax for a bit. There is really no rhyme or reason to it for me. Hope you find something that works for you!

ugh my daughter goes sky high with the smallest amount of stress. Tho she seems to come back down pretty good on her own after she calms down.

I work as an EMT, and often i'll set a temp basal for +20% for the length of my shift if I'm working a busier shift. I still get spikes from stressful calls, but they're spikes of 200 instead of 350.

I just feel like my blood sugars are like a roller coaster, either way up or down, never in the "normal" range. I'm sure a lot of people feel this way and it is SOOO frustrating. Sometimes, it seems like there's no reason for the high or low and it's just a constant battle to keep blood sugars in range. I try to work out if my blood sugars are really high to get them down a lot quicker.

At least we all know how each other feel!! :)

Yah, its not just you I get the same way. Expecially when exams and meaps come up I get stressed out and there have been times ill go in the 500's from it. When I get upset sometimes it goes high and somtimes it will go low. My biggest problem is ill go spiraling high and then I just crash into the 40's so its crazyyy

Just a funny story:

The music department at my school (me included) was on a field trip to NYC a few months ago.  We were sleeping at the hotel and I had planned on waking up at 2:30 and checking my sugar.  I was also wearing a CGM at the time.  At about 2:15, the kid who I was sleeping next too woke up screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs, he was having a nightmare.  The next morning I looked at my graph and I had a little spike in it when I was waken up by him yelling.

I thought it was neat.

Yeah, that does happen to me as well, i just try and calm down, and correcting a billion times! Although, it just seems like nothing is working when that happens to me ! 

Yep, Stress and mood plays a massive role in my blood sugar. It becomes a vicious circle. Blood goes up, stress goes up. Stress goes up, Blood goes up. JOY!

my advice is take a day and chill out. Monitor and adjust accordingly. Read a good book or watch a good movie. Take time out for yourself and try work through your ups and downs.

Stef :)