Emotional times with diabetes

I am bery emotional anout diabetes, i wont stop crying about it and thats the worst part, is anyone else emotional snout diabetes?


Hey Erin! Learning that you have T1 is very emotional. I was 10 years old when I got diabetes and now 42 years later I am still doing well! :slight_smile:

Take your insulin and check you blood glucose and things will get better!

Take care !


Thanks @scottT for awnsering me, i am getting better and that really helped so thank u very much

Ur friendly diabetic,


There was a time when all I did was cry about having diabetes too. You need to talk about it with people who can help you get through it. For me that helped tremendously!

It isn’t an easy thing to deal with a chronic health condition but, it is manageable and there are so many tools to make your life much easier. Are you on an insulin pump?