Empty cartridge

I have a one touch ping, and when I the pump says "5u" and I bolus 5u, it boluses, then says "empty cartridge. no delivery."

There's at least ten units left in the cartiridge. Does no delivery really mean no delivery? Will my pump stop giving me basal insulin, or is there a grace period?

as far as i can tell, it won't deliver. that's happened to me before. it always looks like there's insulin left, but i can't get it to deliver any more.

It probably has a limit to the amount it will keep delivering for until it tells you it's out. I wouldn't be surprised if 5u was the safety zone.

I never had that error though as I changed my cartridge when I changed my site every 2-4days regardless of how much insulin was in it(unless of course I had the site rip out but had just put that site in the day before). So that's just what I figure could be the reason.


No delivery really means "no more delivery".

How do I explain this.....  The pump doesn't have a way to determine where exact zero is in a reservoir, so it  leaves a little leeway, 5-10 units.  This way people don't get caught short, which is much worse then having some left over that gets thrown out. 

I've never had an "empty cartridge. no delivery" alarm, however, I have had an "empty cartridge" after a bolus, then a "no delivery" because the pump wanted to give a basal almost immediately after wards.  If it says empty cartridge it will not deliver any more.

Now, I don't recommend this, however, I have run out in the middle of the day at work.  I disconnect my pump, pull the reservoir out, rewind (some), place a hard, small object in the end of the reservoir (so the pump's push rod hits this object which in turn pushs the reservoir's piston).  When I do the load the pump's push rod hits this object and it fools it into thinking there is more insulin in the reservoir.  I then do a prime and reattach.  The pump will continue pumping, using the 5-10 units that are remaining until it can't pump anymore.  It alarms saying there is an inclusion because it can't push the piston anymore.  Like I said I don't recommend this because of lots of unknown factors, air bubbles, etc., however, I don't want to go high because the pump won't give me the remaining insulin, and I feel very comfortable with my pump's functions.