I came across a post about Emulin and the research for Emulin and I have mixed feelings about it. 

   I am all for the research to help us find a cure, to prevent, or to just help make life a bit easier for us diabetics. The one thing that I do have a problem with is things being added to our food that we don't have control over.

   I have been reading through the research for Emulin and it sounds like it is going to be added in a lot of things. Are they planning on just putting it in everything because research over the last, we will say, 5-10 years shows that it will not hurt us? What about the years in the future? What if after 20 years of consuming the added/extra Emulin supplement problems develop? 

   To me this is something that we should have a choice in. We shouldn't just have it added to our foods but have the choice to take it. I would take it myself but I don't want to have it just added to my food. I have a lot of food allergies citrus being one of the worst. Emulin is being taken from fruits and vegetables. How is this going to effect my food allergies?

   I would love to here some feedback on this and what your opinions are on this matter. Also, the last news I saw on this was done back in May '09, so, if you have anything new please post that as well. Here is the link for the latest news I came across.


Thanks, MM

I watched the link and this is something they researched on T2, not T1. (He said "metabolic syndrome".)

I really wouldn't worry about it. It sounds like another fad of the week. I'd be surprised if this was added to bread or something and not labeled on the package. It hasn't been approved by the FDA yet.

I would avoid it myself if it could affect the way insulin works -- it could be unpredictable.

There is a lot more research out there that has been done. I have been looking over stuff regarding Emulin and the use of it since I first caught wind of it. This is something that has also been researched to add for the benefit of preventing birth defects such as diabetes. Yes it has been tested on T2 but this will also have an effect on T1 diabetic's. The fact is just because we have T1 does not mean that we can not have T2. T2 runs in my family and I am the only one, in the last 50 years, that has T1, but I also resist insulin, I am also a T2. Now I only have problems with it if I gain weight otherwise just eating healthy, staying active, and keeping my weight down keeps that part under control. I had to take T2 medications for 2 years to help with this. I was 19 when they first put me on the med's for T2 and diagnosed me with having T2. This research is also not a "fad of the week" this has been being researched for a while now. Here are a couple of links that have more information on Emulin.





Also I found this on Juvenation as well, a lot of comments on this forum. http://juvenation.org/forums/p/1702/11755.aspx

After looking at the Juvenation thread and other research, I have to say that I'm not seeing anything that shows this could cure T1 (it doesn't seem to help the undelying auto-immune problem at all). I'm also not seeing why you're worried it will be secretly added to foods. I think if you were interested, you could try to get involved in their research to treat your T2.

P.S. Type 1 is not considered a birth defect.

I know that T1 is not necessarily a birth defect it does, however, run in families. The research for Emulin has been done on rats that had T1. If you fallow this link, scroll down to the post from Daryl Thonmpson, you will see where he talks about the effect Emulin had on the rats. Its very interesting. I am worried about it being just added to food because of food allergies. Also, I have found that avoiding foods and drinks that contain high fructose syrup helps keep my blood sugars from going way high. I have friends and family that have also found that avoiding high fructose syrup helps keep their sugars from shooting up. Try avoiding that one completely. They add it in everything. It's not being worried about it but just concerns I have, and the long term effect. I am trying to find out more information on getting involved in the research but not for the T2 but for my T1. My T2 doen't bother me unless I become inactive and eat unhealthy for any length of time. 


Sorry for the typo's my fingers aren't working and I think my brain is fried. lol

Actually, the impact of high fructose corn syrup consumption is being studied... and there's an interesting correlation between when it started to be used in mass produced processed foods, and the timing of the US obesity problem.  I can't remember right now where I heard/read this... but it was within the last couple of weeks.  I'll have to do some checking now, to see who found that.

Ah, here we go. 


Yeah, I've heard that correlation as well. We've been trying to eat fewer processed foods at my house, but it's really hard to do! I figure less is better than lots though (:

I have read that one as well. It's a good connection and I keep hopeing that they remove it from most of our foods. I actually buy soda pop that is from Mexico. The majority of their soda has no high fructose syrup. After drinking Coke-a-cola made there, I can't stand the stuff made here in the US.

Sarah - we have done the same thing, but it's in some sneaky places!  Even my "sugar-free" coffee creamer has corn syrup in it.  *sigh*

Oh don't you hate that! Check yogurt to. I have found it in places I never would have looked witout thinking about it.

Yep, it's one of the many things about agricultural industry that need some fixing.  :)

My MIL recently found transfats in her multivitamins and freaked out!

My husband has food allergies, so it forces me to read the ingredients. I agree, it can be totally scary!

If used as an ingredient it will simply be another name to look for when I shop for groceries.  Due to the fact that emulin alters the way carbs are used/absorbed it sounds like they will try to alert consumers/build a brandname by putting a "made with emulin" sticker on such products.  I remember this from when olestra potato chips went on the market.  Other products would likely market themselves as "all natural" or "emulin free" since this seems to be a growing trend.  At this point I don't think emulin will be as ubiquitous as h.f. corn syrup.

I do hope so. I think it would be better though if it was more along the lines as a added supplement that we could take daily, like a vitamin. It will be interesting to see what they come up with this though. Even if they are just able to turn T1D into T2D with this that is a step for us. Life without all the injections would be great!



If you have any questions about Emulin, here is the email address to one of the scientists that helped develope it, d.thompson@atmmetabolics.com

I'm sure that Daryl would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regading Emulin.