Endo appointment today to figure out my pump stuff

So i went to my Endo for my 3month appointment to see what my A1C was and now that i'm going on the pump, my doses!

Good news: My A1C went down from 9.9 to 8.4! which i thought was weird cuz i got my test done on tuesday..and i've been having a lot of highs lately cuz i've had an underlying cold that inserts its head into my life every few days and makes me stay at home feeling sick. haha.

For my pump doses we're going to start off with a 0.9u/hr basal, a 1:12u across the board carb ratio for meals(currently I do 1:10 for breakfast/lunch and 1:15 for dinner), and a 1:2.5u correction (currentl 1:2u).

I'm 155lbs and taking 55u/day when he takes into account my Lantus(20 in the AM, 12 at night) and my Novorapid on average for lunch(6u-8u) & dinner(8u-12u)...i merge breakfast with lunch and eat anywhere from 11am to 2pm for that meal so we didn't take into account the RARE breakfast dose. haha.

He's only dropping my day insulin by 11 to be on the cautious side to start and said we MAY do something like 0.8u/hr for the start of my sleeping hours, 1.0u/hr to deal with the dawn phenmon for a couple hours leading up to waking and then 0.9u/hr when i wake up.


I also may end up getting the swine flu vaccine. i don't really want to though. my mom wanted to ask but forgot and i STUPIDLY asked on her behalf before we left. he said he would suggest getting it, though it is my call, not based on the fact i have diabetes but actually because i'm a young woman and it seems to be hitting my gender and age group more than any other.
so we'll see..i don't really want to though..it won't be available until early november so i've got a while to think about it.

still haven't heard about training this weekend..left a second message with the guy today..left one on tuesday, as i wanted to find out since i am suppose to now be doing a photo gig on sunday.... he was suppose to call me early this week(we spoke last week and he said he would call me to finalize saturday or sunday) but never did...so hopefully he calls otherwise i gotta call before i leave work in two hours cuz i really am planning my weekend around this.

Congrats!!! I love it when you think your A1c is higher than it actually is. So cool.

I hope everything works out this weekend with your pump training :)

thanks i was pretty happy it went back down! it's been over 9 the last two a1cs! i told my endo i needed to raise my night dose of lantus! shows him! lol


i start my training tomorrow at 2pm. i'm kinda excited..but still nervous about this.

i'll be wearing it for halloween so i gotta figure out where i'm gonna put it so it doesn't get covered in fake blood!!

I can't wait to hear about how much you love your pump!  I am always excited when I hear of someone new getting one.  What a freedom it gives you!  Congrats Batts and I am so happy for you for getting your A1C down!

I started my pump last wednesday, I love it! medtronics mini med and cgm.  It is purple and I have several basal rates since I go up and down alot, but it seems like it is working well.

i've had it on for a few hours but i took my 20units of lantus this morning so he set me up on a -90% temp basal rate right now. i've got about 3hours left til it's going to kick it up to the regular basal rate though(predicting the lantus is only in my system for 16hours cuz i take two doses normally..well did i guess now haha).


it's alright but i think i'm still going to have issues with hiding it and such for a bit. i don't think i'm going to love it or anything, but it will hopefully help with my lifestyle


we set it up so my basal rate at the moment is:

12am to 5am - 0.9u/hr

5am to 830am - 1.1u/hr

830am to 12am - 0.9u/hr