Endo appt on Monday

On Monday I have a appt with my endo at 9 in the moning. I don't know how it is going to go the last time I was there my A1C was 8.0. I have been all over the place the past 3 mouths with my BG. And I don't know how good my A1C will be.

How was your appointment Jaimie?

It want good my A1C was 7.7 They said that they want my A1c below 7.5

I have been having highs at night and sometimes low they said that we should try the overnight basel rate check.

It sounds like you're doing well! I did an overnight basal check with my daughter about a month ago, and it was extremly helpful. I checked her every hour from 2am on, because I could tell that something was going on during that time. And I found that around 3am she was climbing about 50 points, and then dropping again in the hour before she wakes. I was able to change her basal and now she stays nearly steady all night. Good luck!

Thanks Michelle