Endo appt

We are going for our year appt next month and my son will be getting blood work after the appt. I would really like his blood work to be taken a couple weeks before so that the results are there and i can talk them over with endo at appt. Does anyone else request the labs before appt?

I get my daughter's A1C test at her doctor's office where we get the results right away.  We have to pay the cost (25.00), because insurance only pays for a certain lab.  We also used to have to get the paperwork at the dr. visit, then go and have blood drawn.  The other benefit of doing it at our dr office is that it can be done with a finger prick.

I'd just call the clinic and see if they can send the lab order sooner. Seems pretty reasonable to me. Might mean 2 trips to the clinic for you, but I agree, you would seem to have a more productive visit with your endo if the blood work is done first.