Endo Recommendation: Sarasota/Tampa, Florida

I am moving to this area and am wondering if anyone recommends a good endo (or even an endo to avoid). I will have FL Blue insurance. Thanks!

Hi there @gogetter !
It can be hard to find recommendations through a forum, and I’m not sure posting contact info is allowed (although someone might send you a recommendation via private message).
I wish you all the best in your search but your best bet might be to check your provider directory and checking any online reviews you can find.

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Hello @gogetter and welcome to the neighborhood. I live in southwest unincorporated Manatee County a couple of miles north of the Sarasota County border.

For many reasons I don’t “recommend” any doctors and, we urge members to refrain. I meet regularly with an Endo who I consider to be a good diabetologist and if you contact me via “Message” [click on my icon and choose message] I’ll share her name and contact information. I’ll tell you what I like about my experience with her during the last seven years. I can also share my positive experience with an outstanding diabetologist / endocrinologist [who also lives with T1] and practices in St. Petersburg. If you like traveling to Tampa, there is a diabetes center at University of South Florida (USF).

In addition to the above, there is a very active JDRF Chapter in the area with a subchapter that meets regularly in Sarasota.

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