Endo suggestions in CT (preferably Fairfield County area)

My endo is leaving the area and I was looking for some suggestions or positive experiences people have had with endo's in CT (preferably in Fairfield County).  Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Hi Sara!

I'm sorry your post hasn't gotten any responses yet.

I used to live around the Torrington area, and saw an endo at the Joslin satellite there.  (It's been several years though - I don't know if it's still there, even!) I've put the call out to some of my friends with diabetes on Twitter - if I get any suggestions, I'll come back and relay them to you!


edit: Here's one suggestion I got: "Raul Arguello is Caleb's endo. He runs a ped practice, but works with adults as well. In Danbury, CT."


Thanks so much for responding, I know I sort of lost hope there for a bit...but as you mentioned I have heard a few people mention over the years about the Joslin satellite and the docs there, I also appreciate the suggestion in Danbury too!  It's so crazy, I'm a nurse at Yale and I still find it difficult to find a good endo, I hear good things about some docs at Yale but I haven't actually heard it from a Type I patient who goes there, that would mean alot more to me , you know.

Anyway, thanks again, I will look into some of these options, I appreciate your help!

Sincerely, Sara


I would think you know what you need more than any endo -- for me, I needs insulin and infusion sets ... test strips, etc.  (blood tests A1c etc)

I don't think any single doc has all the answers to any questions (they LOVE to REFER) -- so after 39 years of T1 (and while I do have an endo), I still make 90% of my choices based on my needs and how I feel - I do go to a retina specialist every year etc, too -- I have found that a GOOD Internal med doc can do wonders too - but they usually don't want to deal with a pump (actually HAD an ENDO deal with it either -- they have the on staff medtronic rep deal with it.

Maybe you should widen your field -- you are in the business!

Good luck!!


Dr. Judith Castillo in Bridgeport is absolutely wonderful.  She deals with women's issues quite well.  She didn't want to put me on the pump when i first saw her last June, but after doing the bloodwork, she immediately recommended the pump as we discovered that i am really a Type 1 and not a Type 2.


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