Endocrinologist visits and insulin changes

How often did you see your endocrinologist and how did your insulin usage change throughout your pregnancy?

Hi,Hmw.  I'm currently 27 weeks and have been seeing my endo once every 4 weeks since about week 12. My breakfast insulin has nearly doubled, and my usual morning food pre-pregnancy (usually oatmeal and berries) has completely changed. I'm also taking nearly double at dinner as well (my lunchtime insulin has pretty much maintained). I'm also taking levemir before bed, and thats gone up about 4-6 units (i was 6 before, am now around 10-12 units). As I enter my third trimester next week, I suspect my dosage needs will increase (at least that's what I've read and have been warned by my endo). I don't know if my appt schedule will increase either, he hasn't mentioned a concern about that. I had a pretty decent a1c when I got pregnant (6.2), with it quickly dropping to 5.8 before the 2nd tri.  Hope this was helpful!

Saw OBabout once a month, until the last six weeks when I went in every week or two.  My A1c was a 5.1 and I didn't have any other pregnancy related health concerns.

In 2nd trimester my insulin needs increased every few days.  I'd usually notice it at breakfast.  By third trimester it changed almost every day.  Gotta love that progesterone!  My daily dose went from about 45u a day to 100u by the end.  

Thanks for sharing. I'm sure visits and increases vary from individual to individual, but this is great information to have as I prepare for pregnancy.  

I saw my endo 1x per month but, emailed them every week to make adjustments. My insulin needs literally changed every single week. There was not one week we didn't make some sort of adjustment. Third Trimester I almost tripled my insulin levels.

I also saw my nutritionist in the beginning which was useless to me because I felt everything she told me I knew already and I didn't want to have more appointments than I needed to.