Hey I've had Type 1 Diabetes for over 3 years now, and recently had bad stomach pains. Went to a gastro doctor and put me on a Gluten-Free diet for the past month now and have felt  a difference. It is genetic since my grandma has it. Tomorrow I am going in the hospital to get an Endoscopy in the morning and im kind of nervous about whats going to happen. I was told to disconnect my insulin pump the morning of, but im especially nervous that something will happen while im under, like my blood sugar going low. Has anyone had one done and can give me any advice? Thanks - Jaclyn

Jacyln-I saw your message and had to reply. First, I hope your GI did an endoscope BEFORE telling you to go on a GF diet. It would show damaged villi and then a need for GF diet. Doing a scope after following a diet is done to show adherence to the diet, and hopefully healed villi. Either way, do not disconnect for the procedure! I've gotten knocked out for a colonoscopy and you do not need to disconnect. Just change your basal rate to be cautious. There has got to be a nurse that can tell you exactly what to do. I've also had them give me a Dex drip so that I don't go low when I am under. make sure the procdure nurse knows you are diabetic, on insulin and on a pump and they should check your BG in the recovery room and give you jouce if you need it (but not crackers!). Good luck!


I wouldn't disconnect either. I would lower my basal to prevent a low, but not take the pump off. I've done this with surgeries and procedures before and it worked out ok. I was a bit high after, but just bolused a bit and was fine.

Not sure what to do since they told me to disconnect before i go to the hospital.

I would ask to speak to a Nurse who is also a CDE. You want to feel comfortable the day of the procedure, and it will give you piece of mind to talk to someone knowledgeable. Good luck!


You also want to remind the nurse that a pumper without a pump is at risk for DKA in a very short period of time. I know in the "bad" old days of nph, when I had a procedure, they would have me take half my morning dose so that I would have some insulin on board, but not be at risk of going low. Call them and get this sorted out before the procedure.