Enlite Sensor Placement

I’m using the enlite sensor, have been for about 6 months, and so far am loving it. My only predicament is that the adhesive does funky stuff to my skin (I’m pretty sure I’m mildly allergic). I try to allow my skin to go back to normal before I put the sensor anywhere near that area again, but I’m having trouble. Since the elite sensor has only been approved for placement on the abdomen, that’s what I’ve been doing. Do any of you use it anywhere else e.g., arms or legs? I don’t place my site on my legs ever or my arms often because of poor absorption. What kind of results have you gotten with the sensor on your arms or legs?


I use the enlite in my upper thighs. I’ve had no real issues with placing my sensors there, other than when I call MM for a faulty sensor they remind me that it’s not FDA approved to be used there.

I use Enlites on my thighs, arms, and hips mostly. I think I get more accurate results from my arms and thighs, but that could just be me.

I have the same problem with the adhesive! The skin on my stomach breaks out into hives/rash, and twice it has even blistered. Eek. After some trouble-shooting, I’ve found some adhesives that are a little gentler-- I don’t use the ones that come with the sensors at all anymore.

I have the same issue. I have talked to my Dr, she said I needed to talk to MM, so I talked about my pump training nurse she didn’t have any suggestions. What kind of adhesives do you use? My infusion site adhesive doesn’t break me out, just the enlite sensor adhesive.

I realize this won’t help much since it’s currently not an option for anyone in the US. But apparently Medtronic has changed (“enhanced”) their Enlite sensor. The adhesive on this “New Generation of Enlite Sensor”, as Medtronic marketing refers to it, is supposed to cause less skin irriatation.

Here are the bullet points about the small changes in this newer Enlite quoted from the link above.

  • Now even smaller: 80% reduction in implanted size compared to previous Enlite sensor
  • Improved sensor to transmitter connection
  • Improved electrode, designed for consistent performance throughout the sensor life
  • New tape, designed for superior comfort and minimised skin irritation

I may be wrong, but I think that FDA regulations prevent Medtronic folk from even admitting that a newer version of the Enlite might be available in the US until the FDA has approved this. Strikes me as not just stupid but ludicrous. Drugs and other things that may really screw some people up, yes, I definitely want those tested. But an item with so few changes that Medtronic apparently has not even changed its product number?

The newer version is already available outside of the US. I have it will not take long to be available in the US as well.


Thanks for the information on site placement with CGM. I have been using my stomach and getting a lot of scare tissue. I will try my hips and arms and see how it goes. Thanks again for the help.

I have had good results from putting the Sensor on my inner part of my leg. My reading have been pretty good. I starting getting scare tissue on my stomach. The signal sometimes has a tuff time getting through when I wear Jeans, but still have good luck on my legs. The hardest thing for me with sensor is making sure im not to high or low when starting a new site. My biggest problem is getting Medicare to pay for sensors, they feel that testing with finger pokes is good enough. I wonder how they’d feel if they had no safety net when you are asleep and run the chance of going low without the sensor???