Equipment - Unused and not needed

What am I to do with brand new pump and monitor that we don’t need?? The company won’t take it back. It is already paid for. Can I sell it??? Has anyone else come across this situation?

Not sure if you can sell them, but I know people who have either given them away to someone in need, or used paypal to transfer funds and sent the items to them. No idea on the legality of it though.

I know some organizations, like ADA, will accept some diabetes supplies but I have no idea if they accept pumps. Hopefully someone else can shed more light on options

Hi Kim @InsuranceInsanity, it is too bad that you now have this very expensive equipment that you can not use - I know all vendors have a “Return” statement in their contracts.

These are “Prescription Only” devices and you can not sell them unless you are a licensed dealer. Also, unless you paid cash out of your pocket and not through a third party - an Insurance Company - you could end up defending yourself in a fraud; if you did get help from an insurance company, contact its customer service for assistance.

You can not sell those devices, or post them for sale, through this site.

Id be more than happy to take it off your hands