ESPN fundraiser

Maybe you know about this, but thought I'd share this here.  Apologies if this is not the right venue.  Please share with your family and friends - surely we can get enough folks with diabetes across the country to vote and help Bo - and JDRF -  win.

ESPN and Infinity are doing a charity competition thing with basketball coaches and UW's Bo Ryan has chosen JDRF as his charity. 

Help him win by voting here every day:


Thanks ...

Although I 'm in ACC basketball territory, I'm excited to hear that Bo Ryan from Univ. of Wisconsin has chosen JDRF to be his charity. Hopefully everyone at juvenation will vote on the ESPN site to give us a shot (pun intended) for the $100,000 grant from Infinit. Thanks for letting us all know about this RGGsMom!

Thats awesome!