Ethylene oxide

I usually get nervous when I first read about something that can potentially harm me, should I be concerned about "ethylene oxide"? Considering it is used as lubricant in the medtronic tubing and reservoirs.  Shauna got me worried about this one.... :P

Sorry about the double post!

Hi Greg,

So sorry to cause a panic, lol. From what I am told it is a cancer causing agent, however we are told the threat is minimal. Here in California we have a state law that requires the end user be notified that the product contains ethylene oxide. I am personally allergic and get sores on my body from the actual tubing (no where near my site). I have to keep my tubing outside my clothes. The sores look similar to a cigarette burn. Since I am unable to get the omnipod, I want to go with a pump that doesn't use ethylene oxide, so I will no longer have problems with tubing. Once again I'm sorry to have worried you :)

minimal eh?

how does it compare to those mugs with traces of lead in the paint? haha  I was wondering why californians are always stressed out, so many warnings...maybe thats a good thing.

Good question to the how minimal.

I'm not stressed at all, lol :)

Hi Greg,What mugs ?

when i was in southern cal they had warnings posted in the san diego zoo gift shops that warned about imported coffee mugs that may or may not contain traces of lead in the paint they used on the mugs...they had mugs that had labels that said "made in usa so you know its safe" and stuff along those lines.

thanks Greg,I got rid of some dishes a few years back for the same reason.I am watching this post,I want to learn more on ethylene oxide.

I think it will be ok, (poly)ethylene oxide is also an ingredient in spermicide (you know, the stuff in KY jelly.) <--These products have a pretty low hazard rating so don't worry about using them either. But I digress. 

I do not believe ethylene oxide is used in the raw for manufacturing medtronic tubing, if I understand correctly it has the potential to be combined with boron trifluoride to cause a chemical reaction that produces Poly(ethylene glycol). Poly(ethylene glycol) is really amazing stuff. In theory it should keep you insulin from sticking to your tubing.

However to date I have not seen the mention of ethylene oxide being used as a lubricant by Medtronic. It's only use labeled so far is for what people use it in hospitals for, gas sterilization of medical supplies.

Read up is my best advice, having a healthy fear of chemicals is alright. I just try to use fear as a learning opportunity. If you are at a liberal University go to the chemistry department and interview them about the chemical. I have done this a number of times going to different departments when I have questions about something. Chances are, university teachers love to talk about what they teach, and they should be happy to talk about their love with you too.

As for what the hazard ratings mean... I think we are on our own for that one...

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As for what the hazard ratings mean... I think we are on our own for that one...


you make me feel safer :) haha

im pumping spermicide into my body YAY! sorry little buddies

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im pumping spermicide into my body YAY! sorry little buddies


haha =x The things I type should be censored, now your making me feel unsafe!