Ever Change Your Pump Site Away from Home?

Do you ever change your pump sites at work or school or somehere else?  I feel like a baby, but it just seems too hard to find a private place where I can spread all my pump stuff out. 

Between dropping my son off at school, going to work and taking a class, I'm gone 16 hours straight on Mondays (my commute is 45 minutes each way, so no opportunity to go home during the day).  I had about 20 units left in my pump this morning and could make it last, but knew I'd be tired when I got home and wouldn't want to do a set change then. 

Let me know if you've found a way to do set changes on the go. 


I changed my pump on a plane, on the train, at work!

Your reply reminds me of Dr. Seuss, aka Green Eggs and Ham. =)

When you're out and about do you go to the bathroom or do you just change sets in public?  

Didn't realize I had a hang up about site changes!  Thanks for helping me put it in perspective.


I know this is gross but, I have also changed my pump on a NYC subway ewwwwww!!!! It got knocked out and I had no choice!

This is a great topic!! I've changed my pump site in so many different locations from work to school at other people's houses, it never bothered me. In fact, I used to have a BLAST with needles. It used to get a lot of confused looks from people due to uncertainty of what I was doing and I used to have so much fun with. I used to inject in the hallways in school and get the best reactions from teachers anywhere from scared to hysterical. For pumps however, you need to lay everything out so its a little different (like you said). I don't have a problem going to the bathroom in a stall and doing it. Same for refuelling insulin. Happens all of the time.

Gina, I was in NYC I just got back yesterday late. Can't believe you did it in the subway! After my girlfriend and I took it I can't imagine! Nice and air conditioned though!

You have my utmost respect Gina... I rode the el trains a lot when I lived in Chicago and would not have done a pump change on them!

It never bothered me to do injections wherever I was... I could even draw up insulin at one stop light and inject at the next while driving.  But the site changes seem more medical and the only time I do them away from home is when I'm traveling.  

Guess I need to get over it and try some new things.  Thanks guys.


Even that is pretty courageous! I don't even think I would have the skills to do that while driving. Other drivers must get so confused. Glad we could help a little.

May be courageous but it was also really dumb!  Did get a couple weird looks from other drivers occasionally.  


You should have told me! I would have met up with you!!! Next time!

Sorry I just joined this group and saw this thread - totally aware the discussion ended six months ago. But I love it. I have changed my pod site on planes, trains, buses, cars, at stop lights, on my bicycle, during conference calls, you name it :slight_smile: I figure if I do it quickly, with a look on my face like I’m not crazy and doing something that’s totally normal, then I usually get away without anyone noticing. And if they do notice hey, I’m among strangers and they will forget it in ten minutes.


On a BIKE??? That is challenging!

Sorry, I should have clarified - not while my bicycle was moving! I commute to work by bicycle when the weather is nice, so it’s not as crazy as it sounds…