Ever Feel Uncomfortable?

Even though I've been diagnosed for some time now, I just have those moments when everyone else is pigging out on sweets and candy and I'm just looking around awkwardly. I know that you just have to get used to it but sometime I just feel like the black sheep.

haha, my only consolation for that situation is that it may look good at the time but overall it's better for your health and that you will be better for not eating it. Sometimes it is a little awkward but just do the right thing. Remember there are a lot of people who know what it's like and that we are all behind you. :)

even if you can't pig out all the time, if it's a special occasion, you can give more insulin to cover the sweets. If your on a pump it's easy to just give an extra bolus, and if your on injections give extra novolog. If you're not on novolog/humalog/apidra or whatever other fast acting insulins they have I woud recommend talking to your doctor about adding it. I was on regular and NPH originally and novolog made things so much easier because it's easy to give extra for extra food and it brings down highs quicker. good luck =)