Ever find yourself mad at those with type 2?

Kind of sounds silly but there are times when I find myself angry with those that have type 2 diabetes.  I know it is unfair to group everyone in one opinion, it just seems like a lot of those with type 2 brought it on themselves.  The relation between type 2 and diabetes is what really angers me.  I took pretty good care of myself before being diagnosed with type 1 and have really made a lot of changes and improved my overall health and fitness since diagnosis.  Then to add insult to injury, most of the publicity seems to be aimed at type 2.  The whole Oprah show focusing on diabetes was kind of my last straw.  Just venting but was wondering if anyone else shares some of my opinions on this.

no,I undersatand now that others do,but I know many and I love them and my teen would tell you she would never trade in her silly ol type 2 dad,ha :)

Yeah I feel this way, they get a lot of the attention and this makes everyone else in the world think the stereotypes associated with them can be applied to us.  There is a huge difference between the two types.  It takes a lot of time and energy to change prejudices that people have, the prejudices don't die because we are so continually exposed to misinformation and most people don't have all the information.  We are not at fault for the stereotypes, distortions, and omissions that shape our thinking but that doesn't relieve us of the responsibility to learn about these things.

no one is at fault and I was thinking about this the other night,I wish we could get the type2 community to take us under their wing and help us to raise awareness.They do have the larger voice because there are so many more of them :)

I don't get angry at Type 2s in general, but I get angry at a person with Type 2 when A: they  don't take care of themselves or B: they compare themselves to my son when it's obvious that their lifestyle is what caused their T2.

true,that would make me mad too. I am thankful we never got that....My husband told the doc. in ICU that he was type 2,I think he was sick inside because he heard the words diabetes and thought he was the one to pass it on to her.The doctor was quick to point out they were two seperate d's and we also had that backed up later once she was in her hospital room.We were told never to think of them as the same and type1 was a whole nother thing.We took that and we do see them different but not everyone is told that ..........One day I want us to compare stories of what went on in the hospital with people coming at you from every direction.but that is another post I guess,ha..My daughter had this one person  who could have been a psycologist but if he was-somebody needs to give him a hand---tell ya later,ha

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I don't get angry at Type 2s in general, but I get angry at a person with Type 2 when A: they  don't take care of themselves or B: they compare themselves to my son when it's obvious that their lifestyle is what caused their T2.


hi Trish,I correction,I read what you said too fast,I agree no  type2 should ever try to put their ways onto a type 1-uneducated is the word that comes to mind-they only know what they know because they learned no difference.We had it pointed out to us because my husband went to ever person in the hospital shouting it from the roof tops that he had type2 and his 12 year old has type1-he wanted help and because he kept calling out for it they would sit him down one after the other and teach him....I am never in the blame game-makes me sad beyond belief that compassion is not given freely to ever human being that has a desease....Hate that word by the way....... It makes me no differnce how a person gets from point A to point B-thery are there and God Bless um-I Love them-I care for them and I support them with my whole heart and being....our American diets could give any healthy person heart desease etc...do we jump over and  have anger toward them next ?? I have said it before and I will say it agains-It baffles my mind..My husband once again wears a size 34 in size pants which by the way got new ones yesterday.His mother would knock your socks off how she grew gardens and raised her large family to eat healthy.My husband got type2 and I worry for his future.I worry what it would do to my children if he feel ill. I do not agree that he or any other type 2 should be told they caused this to happen.Is everyone out there perfect...no weight issues,no junk food,no substance abuse such as smoking etc...I would bet not and some people because they were not so perfect got type 2 diabetes and know need to be blamed for it too.

my answer is simple: no, i don't.

[quote user="Trish"]

I don't get angry at Type 2s in general, but I get angry at a person with Type 2 when A: they  don't take care of themselves or B: they compare themselves to my son when it's obvious that their lifestyle is what caused their T2.


I am there with A, example: my mom told me this morning she should not have eaten so many cookies (non diet), her bs was high 234. I guess I feel a little angry maybe jealous, if I ate just a few cookies without insulin my bs would be probability in the 300's and there is no way I could eat what she ate I would be in the hospital. LOL I don't like it when a type 2 tells me. I took the classes I know what I am talking about!! Not!!! Most stupid I heard was " You need to get off insulin, it's no good."  Real smart.


i think this is what the "are t2d really out to get us?" is getting at. what's the point of the anger? does it really serve a purpose to be annoyed with t2s? does it make you feel better?

I completely agree with you! most type 2s bring it upon them selves

meme, don't misunderstand me. I know that not all T2s cause it themselves. My late grandmother and mother-in-law are among those who developed T2 due to other health conditions they had no control over. Plus I by no means feel like anyone deserves it, whether it's their "fault" or not. I have honestly only felt angry toward someone with T2 one time for comparing herself to Brandan because it was extremely obvious that it was her lifestyle that has caused her to be a insulin-dependant type 2. As far as being angry with someone for not taking care of themselves, I think angry is the wrong word. Maybe jealous? Jealous that they can make a few changes and be better? Maybe hurt? When I see someone with T2 who refuses to diet and lose weight if they need to I can't help but think that I wish my son had the opportunity that they have to improve their health and not need the insulin.

Trish,don't worry over it.I am a way too sensitive person and I get myself in trouble because of it.I will tell you what I once told my good friend on here when we locked horns over this same issue,Tonight my child will go to bed with Type1 diabetes and tomorrow morning she will wake up to type one diabetes,We need a cure...it is the same for all moms and all people here with type 1.....I cry because I keep looking for a way out.There is no where to run or hide from this.I get angry,sad,depressed at times because I can't fix this !!! I have to believe there will a cure one day.....I do feel more tenderhearted towards others because of it.....but I do have a tad of a temper too and I guess it shows,ha :)

I think what drives me crazy is the media's simplification of D -- that's what brings all this blame on us. They assume D, esp T2, comes from eating poorly. So, we're lumped in. In some ways, I wish JDRF would run an educational campaign, but in reality, I'd rather they use their $$ towards research, so forget it.

I'm on another site occasionally with T1 and T2 women. Many of them don't receive the good medical care we do b/c their docs figure it's "not the serious kind" and don't refer them to endos. Sometimes I even feel bad for them, but them I also feel jealous b/c I'd much rather take a pill.

I used to be angry at those with type 2 diabetes for years.  I thought all the stereotypes were true.  It wasn't until I started working with my endo helping her raise money for a clinic she runs in East LA that my eyes were opened a bit.  People come and pay what they can,if anything, and get minimal healthcare.  Most of them have type 2.  In many cases, they are type 2 because of how they take care of themselves but they do their best.  Many are working 2 jobs, have no healthcare and eat what they can when they can.  They can't afford good food and get whatever canned or processed food is the cheapest.  I've only been to the clinic a couple times but that was enough to see the line of people trying to get help, wishing they could do more for themselves.   I'm not saying that every person with type two is poor and can't help it.  What I'm saying is that there are circumstances we don't take into consideration.  There are many that sit around and can afford to eat better, exercise etc but don't. On the other hand, there are many that didn't bring it upon themselves and were going to get it no matter what - just like us.   There is socioeconomic side to it all.  It effects us with type 1 as well - trying to afford all the insulin, needles, pump supplies, blood testing supplies but struggle to do it.  My endo see's many of those at her clinic as well.  I feel just as bad for them and wish I could help more.  Our society likes to throw people in groups and I hate it but it's what we do.  My hope is that we continue to educate ourselves and keep our eyes open to all situations.  There will be anger with this disease, I just hope we don't use it as an excuse to be mad at others.

On another note -I agree with Sarah - what does upset me is the media's simplification of diabetes.  Changing it over night won't happen but if we continue to write them or call them to let our voice be heard, maybe we'll see baby steps in the right direction. 

Thanks Doug, that was a very nice and thought out post.

I used to be upset with type 2s, but a lot has changed. I've met people now who are catching their disease early and are struggeling with miss infermation trying to stop its progression and failing. A wonderful woman I work with is struggeling with this and is  very scared. Her fasting bloodsugar keeps climbing even as she exercises and watches her diet (she is very scared, she caught it at 104 a few months back and it is up to 125 fasting last week). So today a group of us at work got together and were talking about diabetes, me the type 1 ring leader, helping each other with carb counting and hidden veggie carbs. We congradulated one of the ppl for bringing down her h-a1c down from 9 to 8.5. We are hoping to see it down in the 7s by spring and I'm helping her with her decision to maybe get the insulin pump.

I've taken insperation from the Team Type 1 professional bicycling team that just won the race across america this year. They took the initive to found Team Type 2 to help inspire and set an example for all diabetics.

We are the powerful ones if we chose to be; we can inspire, care for those who suffer, and educate with the knowlage we have gained from years of experience. We are the powerful ones.