Ever noticed?

So, I was diagnosed when I was 2 and got the pump when I was 6.  Ever since my cycle started, I've had Really bad cramps every month. Like, I've thrown up, can't go anywhere cause if I don't have a heating pad on for even a short amount of time, it starts up again. My family practitioner finally said that maybe I was frying my ovaries with the pump since it's clipped to my waist all the time. Anyone else suffered from really bad cramps with the pump right there all the time?

I've never heard of a pump affecting someone like that... When you say "frying [your] ovaries] are you referring to the pump on the insulin? Some of my nondiabetic friends have the same symptoms that you do and it's because they have endometriosis. Good luck, and I hope it gets better :)

Ag, I probably should have spell-checked. I meant to say "the pump or the insulin", not "on", haha.

I've never heard of a pump or insulin affecting anyone like that.  My suggestion is to see a Gynecologist or see if you can get a referral to one for a proper diagnosis.

I can have rather severe period symptoms myself.  However, endometriosis runs in my family (in fact, my mom's symptoms became so severe it landed her in the hospital once due to heavy uterine hemorrhaging) and I'm being tracked for PMDD.

Good luck!  I hope you feel better!

Mal: the pump.

well, we got this special kind of tape that goes on a little tiny bit of the pump and it's supposed to absorb the "rays" it's emitting. We'll see if it helps...

Okay, that makes more sense than the insulin... I hope the tape works :)

I can't believe the doc suggested that the pump fried your ovaries. Ridiculous. I had serious menstrual cramps when I was younger and pumping didn't even exist in those days. It's called endometriosis, not pumping.


I had had really bad cramps and other strange symptoms since I got my period, and I went on the pill and it all but took them away. If the tape doesn't work, you could try that. . . unless you're trying to get pregnant =P

Yeah I'm not sure about any "rays" the pump is sending off... technically it receives RF signals from your glucometer. 

You're in high school, your hormones are a mess, and I doubt your pump has that much to do with it.  My sister had cramps bad enough for some heavy pain killers, and is on the pill for that sole reason, whereas I rarely had cramps a couple ibuprofen couldn't knock out.  Family practioners are rarely as educated about diabetes and all the paraphernalia as your specialist is, so give them a call if you're really concerned. =)

Cora: well, considering what I've learned about how just about everything, when in your "field", either hurts or helps you. I can understand that a pump (a strange electronic device) would be harmful. Also, I used the term "frying". She just suggested it is harmful.

Rebecca: The tape has worked some. I figure it will be slow but my last one was a lot better. And, no, I'm not trying to get pregnant, of course, there's no way for me to get pregnant since I'm a virgin and plan to stay that way till I'm married. But my family is very into the natural/healthy way of life and I don't even see really bad cramps as a reason to mess my body up with something like the pill.

Sounds like bs to me (and I don't mean "blood sugar").  I had HORRIBLE cramping and nausea with my periods for 10 years before I first got a pump. And pumps aren't some electronic device that emits radiation... it works on battery power. 

Birth control helped a bit, but what really helped diminish the pain was:

Avoiding caffeine

Getting rest

Eating healthy and avoiding salt

Getting older, over time my symptoms have diminished considerably

I've used insulin since I was 4 and used a pump for several years before getting pregnant.  My ovaries are perfectly healthy.  Think your doctors theory is bunk and, like doctors sometimes do, she wants to blame everything on diabetes.  

Take care and I hope you find some relief from your bad cramps.

Well, this past one was a lot better.

And I don't mean to be rude, jenna, but we're good friends with her and I trust her. She doesn't blame anything on diabetes.

As to the pump, there's plenty of things that run on battery but emits some kind of ray. Thank you for the other advice.

I'm not saying I might not have bs but I think since I definitely felt a lot better during this one, I'm going to keep trying what my dr. suggested. Plus, like I said, I've learned quite a bit and my family is really into health (haha, I just saw my endo recently and she was like "do you not eat much?" cause there aren't many food boluses, we just don't eat many carbs. a lot of meals are just meat and veggies.)

I think it's probably not caused by the pump,  I've always had horrible cramping, nausea, back pain etc, and I'm not on a pump... actually, most of my  non-diabetic friends have the same symptoms.  I find that what really helps is drinking a lot of water, avoiding artificial foods, and, believe it or not, exercise. If I feel really nauseous, I'll go for a ten-minute run, and it really helps. :)

Well, this past cycle was SOOOO much better. Accoring to our friend/dr the tape on the pump now has the pump "on" and so are all of my womanly organs. :) And almost no cramping whatsoever. No nausea, throwing up or even having to use a heating pad. Just saying, I know you all think I'm nuts but I think she has something here, plus, she's using the same thing on my mom who has had issues all her life and she's getting better. Actually I just ran into a friend today, she's been like deathly ill for months and she's almost completely better and the only things she has done are what our mutial friend/dr has suggested and worked through with her. It's sounds crazy but it's not. Also, anyone who commented on this post should look up

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