Ever used the 'Betes to get stuff?

Ok, I usually NEVER use Diabetes as an excuse. Last night my sister and me went to a Brittney Spears concert, our seats were at the very top of the arena. I went to customer relations and said that I have diabetes, and if I were to have a seizure I wouldn't be close to any medical attention. They ended up moving us down to almost the floor level. Has anyone else used Diabetes as an excuse?

Yes, at school to use the lift. "it says to use when im low and high" but i use it all the time.

Today I used, "Becca's pump is out of insulin" to get out of a kids birthday party I didn't want to be at.  Joke was on me cause it actually had been empty since right before we got to the event.

haha, I do.  I use it for not wanting to do things or wanting to do things. I use it to get out of school classes and stuff... My friends hate it and are jealous. They've even gotton to the point where they say "I want diabetes" but I am just thinking, Oh no you don't...

haha. i've done stuff like this before. a couple times if i'm running late for work or school or need to leave early, i've said "my pump just ran out of insulin." a couple times it has actually been true, but usually i pay pretty close attention to that stuff. once or twice i used the "my blood sugar is low and i'm going to stay home and rest" to get out of going to 8am classes. really, who likes 8ams?? :o)

i'm sure most of us do stuff like this every now and them. it always makes me laugh. though, of course, i don't encourage always using the DB as an excuse :o)

Today I needed emergency batteries for my pump, I had forgotten my wallet in my car and asked my boyfriend to get them for me or else I would die haha

 I use the 'betes to get really cool stuff. Hmm lemme see what I have got in the past. When I was first diagnosed I used it to wrap the front end of my van around a telephone pole without getting a ticket. The officer asked " have you been drinking this morning sir?" ' no officer I have diabetes'  shazam no ticket.  I have used it to get my doctors to prescribe me some really awesome high blood pressure and cholesterol pills I eagerly gulp daily. Oh yeah and once I got two heaping tablespoons of some very tasty honey spoon fed by my sister in law when I staggered into her house and collapsed from yet another handy  insulin reaction.  Free sweets is the best!

Wait a minute, all these things I got really suck when you think about it.  Jeeze I'm really bad at getting stuff from my 'betes, how lame am I? Oh well guess I will have to keep working at it. ;P

better luck next time, deckard. keep practicing :D

I practically never do that it is not legit. I mean, I'm constantly in the nurse's office, but that is because it is way better than sitting class testing or trying to figure out what's up with my pump while the entire class stares thinking I'm fiddling with a cell phone or wondering why in hell I'm pricking my fingers... teenagers are so ill-informed.

However, I did use it as an excuse one during drama rehearsal. We were on stage doing warmups and it was right after an Honor Roll ice cream sundae party and I still had my ice cream in hand and was eating it on stage. I was yelled at by the stage manager and then my director came right up to me with his hand out. I just said "low blood sugar" and he backed off.

Unfortunately, about two hours later in rehearsal, I was running from on stage to props to painting sets and climbing ladders/steps/etc and my blood DID get wicked low.... haha.

Haha, Lizzy. It's karma. One time (and the last time) I used low BG to get out of  class, my college teacher called the campus nurse and said she was worried about me, so I got a phone call from the nurse. Of course, I made something up and then promptely decided to never do that again. Karma's a bitch. :D

I really wish I hadn't, but I have. When I was like 5 I would tell the daycare staff I was low so I could eat lunch earlier with the older kids and then hang out with them after. I'm sure there has been a few more but I can't (or choose not to) remember them right now

OMG this is to much, first of all almost floor level seats to a Brittany concert is cool. Granted I would have chosen a different venue, but that is just my music choices. And getting out of a speeding ticket is kinda cool, the entire crashing the car thing not so much, but it does happen.

I have never gone after any of the big things. However I can tell you that in High School I spent way to much time wandering the halls "going to the nurse", "going to the bathroom", and just wandering. It was nice. I more or less had a full time hall pass. I even used it once when I passed out in the class of my type 2 teacher to retake the test, that I never finished and soaked in sweat. Granted when i retook the test I barely passed it, but hey I did get a second chance at not failing.

i use it 2 get out of class in school when i'm extreamly BORED . x]

Ok, guilty. A couple months after being diagnosed, I was speeding to the gym at like 7 in the morning. I got pulled over and the cop was like "45 in a 30? Really?" And I said I should know better, yada yada and while he was lecturing me I interupted him and said "Officer I need to test my blood sugar, I haven't tested this morning" and he quickly changed his disposition to "Oh, yea of course, go right ahead." So I tested and said I was low and he said okay, take some time and recoup. I sat there for a minute and he said just make sure you test in the morning from now on.

So I do ;)