Everyone remembers pretty much every small detail of the day they got diagnosed so tell your story

okay wellll;;

that week starting on tuesday i went on a trip with my school. i went to spruce knob it was tons of fun i had went the year before and loved it i got picked again so of course i went again. well okay it started the second day i was up there. i remember i kept wanting "meat" it was so weird, im sure all of you know what im talking about, also i kept having to go to the bathroom a lot, and was drinking soooo much(you also knwo that feeling). then when my mom picked me up we went out to eat, i drank at least four bie glasses of reg. mtn. dew ( =s )   haha. then the next day i kept  drinking  A LOT, and going to the bathroom a lot. the day i got diagnosed i was at school, i was still drinking a lot and at one point felt sick, but then it passed and i thought it was because of how much i drank, and how little i ate. so then me and my mother went to the mall tht night she was in wal-mart shopping for groceries, and i was in the mall part with some friends i had ran into. i had already had a big bottle of water from chic-fil-a and a big large drink from orange julius and was still dying of thirst, then my feet started cramping up bad, and i then again started not feeling good. so i called my mom and met her in wal-mart when she was checking out. she was checking out with a case of water becuase i had drank evry bottle in the house already. haha. by the time she had them checked out i had half the case drank. my mom has a cousin who she grew up with and is also a type one she knew the symptoms, so when we got in the car she said were going to the hospital i was like what?! ru serious?! no i was refusing. she took me got me checked in i took a urine test i had somewhat sugar in it the doc. said nothign to worry about its still not definate yet that you have diabetes. so then i got a blood test, my sugar came back 790. thats when the breakdowns started. i knew nothing, i was scared, felt alone, and had to many thoughts at once running through my mind. all i could think of was shots, i hated shots i was thirteen and cried every time i was told i had to take one. thats how bad i hated them. but in the ER it was almost like a rush of calmness came over me, like God was telling me everything was going to be alright nothing to worry about and i took my first needle with no problem in the thigh. my  whole fam. came in and was there by my side the whole time.

i spent the rest of that week in the hospital, and another week out of school.

the weird thing is i remember every detail of that night and week,

its so weird,

type ones that have had it for so long do you still remember every detail of the night that you got diagnosed?


ugh well i have had it for almost 19 years. i was diagnosed at 10 months old so my diagnoses story is all hear say from my mother.

i would never stop crying and crying and crying and had a rash on my bottum that would never go away no matter what my mother used for it. she went to several different Dr's and they would all tell her the same thing "well we are sure she's not a diabetic, she's too young so just take her home and see how she does". so my mother finally took me to the Dr's office where they did my routine weighing when i was born and the Dr. that weighed me saw me that day and saw the rash on my bottum that had been there for a while and went down to smell my breath and it smelled really really fruity like i had been to the tavern that night so she said "she is going into diabetic keto acidosis we need to check her sugar" when they did my blood was (from what my mother told me) nearly black and didnt register on the meter. so immedietly she called 911 and they had idk how many aid units there but they got me to seattle wa. childrens hospital and they had me hooked to machines and tubes and what not for a little over a week. in that week my mom got a number of Dr's and interns and residents coming in to see me cause they had never seen anyone so young diagnosed with diabetes. but yeah thats my dx story that i dont remember cause 1) i was unconscious and 2) i was 10 months old and would remember it any how lol. so yeah thats my story thats hear say from my mother.