Excellent Endocrinologist!

Today I met with a new endocrinologist who restored my faith in the medical community!  She was knowledgable, encouraging and efficient.  Her entire staff was just as wonderful.  I feel totally motivated to do even better with D management.   

I know we live all over the world, but thought if you have a great doctor to recommend it might help someone else in your area. 

So my nomination for Endocrinologist of the Year (in Tulsa, OK) is:

Dr. Kelly Flesner
Oklahoma Heart Institute
918-592-0999 phone

We would like to nominate

Dr. Sue Stock 

She has a private practice in North Vancouver and works out of the Diabetes Clinic at Eagel Ridge Hospital in Port Moody.

She is beyond wonderful.


We have a wonderful practice here in Fairfax, VA -  they are with INOVA Pediatric Specialty Group, Dr.'s Link, Conrad, Hanono and Mason.  They are amazing!  We are incredibly blessed to have them so close to home.  The number is 703-970-2600.

Great idea for a thread b/c you never know when someone will be inspired to visit the endo again! (:

Mpatton, didn't know you were from Ffx area! I'm in Alexandria. I'll send you a friend request so we can message about the lovely state of VA... (:

Dr. David Weinstein at the University of Florida in Gainesville is the best endocrinologist in the world!  He used to be at Children's in Boston, but he moved because UF has an incredible glycogen storage disease program, which he specializes in.  If you know anyone with GSD, encourage them to see him!  He will do ANYTHING for his patients and is one of the kindest, most caring people I know.