Excercise and maintaining normal blood sugars

I have a pump, if I lowe my basal rate I tend to be high, if i dont im low.  I would love to loose weight but the lows defeat that

Aw, man, I have had that same problem! I think it's sort of a "diabetic-exercise" combo-pack-deal :) I hate when I'm ready to exercise, but then I test and I'm low... then I'm low again 20 minutes later... and again... and again... and then the idea of exercise is just completely lost for that day!

Really, I think it's just a trial and error situation. I've tried having snacks before I exercise to stabilize my blood sugars, taking less insulin for food before hand, etc. etc. I've also played with my basal rates around the time I usually exercise (I am active roughly the same time each day). Of course, don't try any of these things without checking with someone first, but I hope it was some help :)

It is totally a trial and error thing. I make sure to check my blood sugar about an hour before I work out and depending on what my sugar is, usually if its under 150 or so I will set a temporary basal for about 50-75% of my current basal rate. Also, I will try to workout out before a meal time. For example, I will workout around 9-10AM and then eat lunch around 11-12PM. So, if I am going "low" then it will just be lunch time and I won't need to have a snack and then end up eating lunch 10 minutes later. But still, you shouldn't have to workout based on your meal times, you should be able to workout when you want! : ) Like I mentioned earlier, its a trial and error thing and everyone's body reacts different to different types of activity.