Excercises is more than insulin dose

Hellow guys am type one,(19years) I was diagonised last year almost one year living with diabetes and after diagnosis it was difficult to cope with the situation my BG was not under control but after I joined type one forums I got lots of advice from experienced people such as excercing diet and I found that exercise lower blood sugar faster and increase insulin sensitivity than normal. Any one experienced that??

Hi @lbrah. Yes. Exercise increases the effect of insulin. No, if you are type 1 and you are not making any insulin, there is no amount of exercise that can make it so you don’t need insulin.

I can decrease my need for insulin by 1/2 by increasing exercise, I just can’t do it continuously.


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Hey lbrah, I’ll add to what Joe said. Aerobic exercise lowers blood sugar. Anaerobic raises it. So, running, cycling, hiking will all lower BG and weight lifting will tend to raise it. Testing often and tracking your insulin, food, and activity level can help you learn your patterns.

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Hi:) I’ve been x47+ and exercise is one if the best treatment options for us. The more active u r the better you’ll feel and have more control, but u already seem 2 know that. Some days I feel really crappy and don’t feel like doing anything. When I feel better, I start moving and I’m more balanced. At your age I was still doing what I wanted, but in my mid 20’s I settled down and things fell into place. My thing is I never considered anything wrong with me. Taking insulin and monitoring my bg’s is part of my routine. Same as brushing my teeth or showering. I try not 2 make and take things complicated. Keep asking ?'s and vent if u need to.