Excerising then going high?

I'm trying to get back into shape after being sick for 2months..so I've been hitting the gym as much as possible and trying to get out for walks as much as possible. Just generally..getting more excerise than I was getting while sick because I had no energy too.


This morning I got up at 7:30am to go for a walk/run around a lake off the highway. It's about 3-4k around. I tested, I was 5.6. I didn't do any Novorapid for the toast and juice box I had..because I haven't actually RAN around the lake before, and didn't want to suddenly go low. I did my Lantus as usual (in the arm). I got to the lake and started my walk/run around just after 8. I did that once, and then walked around a second time to cool down. After, I tested my level and I was 13.5. Fair enough, I hadn't taken any insulin for the food I ate, so I did a correction dose of 3units(1unit for every 2points over 5 I am). I should've done 3.5units, but I can't do half units with my syringes. I took it in my other arm (have stopped using my stomach and switched to my thighs/arms)

When I was driving, I popped some Extra sugar-free gum into my mouth cuz I wasn't hungry, but I knew I needed to chew on something.

Instead of going home, I drove to the gym and did 120 ab excerise reps. I figured since I really want to tone my stomach, why not before I go home and get ready for brunch with the gang.

I just went downstairs to have some yogurt and find something with protein to munch on, since I have two hours til brunch. I tested. I was 20.4! I couldn't believe it, so I tested again and my meter read 21.4! I just did a correction dose of 7units in my thigh.

I know that excerise can make your liver kick in and produce glocuse...but I ate before I excerised, and I took a correction dose..and I only worked out for a total of like an hour and a half!

The whole point of excerising, besides getting into shape is to help keep my bloodsugars in normal range and drop how much insulin I have to take.

What happened?!?!

its a monser doing it!!!

no, just kidding. it almost seems like it because yesterday morning, and this morning, i did between an hour and an hour and 20 minutes of skating. i had 30 carbs with no insulin yesterday morning and 12 this morning. my blood sugar was a little high before. after it was over 20. about 4 times a week i have excercise in the morning wich doesnt usualy have an effect like that but this excercise was earlier than usual. then i had 4 lows before lunch.

This tends to happen, and I'm sure Ginger will probably correct or attest to me here, but for me it depends on the intensity of my workout/training. My endocrinologist said that with a high intensity workout, the production of adrenaline, along with your liver's help, your glucose may rise. He also cautioned me against correcting it with the normal amount because your glucose isn't sky rocketing because of any consumption of food, but because of your workout. He said to give myself half of the corrective bolus I normally would for a high number since after a workout your body is more sensitive to insuliln I think?

I'm no expert on it, and am learning as I go with different things to prevent myself from going high and/or crashing while working out.

Hope that helps a little :)


Yes yes! Pat's got it down.


WHen I weightlift, for example, I can start my workout with my blood sugar at 95, and I don't need carbs for it because even on a leg day when I'm squatting and doing circuits with leg press and ham curls, whatever, my blood sugar has still been up around 120 afterwards.


Breaking down the muscle, which has glycogen ("sugar" stores essentially), can increase your blood sugar, too.


So...what do you do? Experiment by checking before and after and understanding your body better!

Figure out what kind of exercise does what to your blood sugar, low or high, etc. When I hike, it is not the same as when I weightlift. I need carbs during a hike!




thanks for all the info guys :) i skipped doing any excerise this weekend cuz i felt lazy(and exhausted from a 14hr workday on thursday!) but i'll have to see what happens next weekend!

Don't do weigh stuff so I can't comment on that.  Sounds like the body handles it different than running.    I'd concur with the testing thing.  But I also don't think the monster explanation is not without merit either!  I've had strange highs that make no sense happen after exersize when I've done the exact same snack/test/etc. many other times that didn't cause a high.

IMHO managing blood sugar through diet/insulin/exersize is one part science and one part black art!

Hi Batts -  I have had that same problem in the past.  I think both Pat and Ginger had great points and

similar to what I've experienced.  While my protocol will be a little different because I use a pump, I found

my blood sugar rising after using weights (similar to Ginger) so I will have my normal amount of insulin

during a lifting day and then about 75% of normal with my post workout meal as I would drop if I had

a normal amount.  On the other hand, when I ride my bike, I have to cut my insulin in 1/2!  I

 don't know all the reasons for it but I think of it in terms of carbs - the type of carbs I have (i.e. fruit vs bread)

will determine the amount of insulin I have - so the type of exercise you

are going to do, will determine your correct protocol.  It can get frustrating while experimenting with it

but if you keep some notes on what you do and your levels after, you should be able to come up with your

proper dosage. (at least that was my experience)  Best of luck.