Exciting Innovations in Diabetes

Hey everyone,

I came across a link from the American Diabetes Association last night that shows some of the new products in diabetes coverage--from pumps, and continuous blood glucose sensors, to glucose meters that hook up to an Iphone--there are tons of products that are debuting throughout the world now and in the near future.


I am most intruiged by the Jewel pump which will be released soon in the U.S. It is a tube-free pump that is slimmer and smaller than the Omnipod, and can be controlled through a Droid phone. I am wondering if anyone has any additional information on this product, because it seems like this is one of the first steps toward a truly unbelievable future in easing diabetes management and ultimately curing it.

The Jewel Pump is really cool.  Unfortunately is seems like most prodcuts take years to get through the FDA. 

A similar pump that's already approved is the Medingo Solo.  The prodcut was sold to a new manufacturer, so the release has been delayed, but is now supposed to be in 2012.  I tried a sample and it was much smaller and less obtrusive than an OmniPod.  It was controlled via remote, but boluses could also be given from the pump itself, which was cool.