Exercise and Blood sugar

It is so frustrating!  I worked out this morning.  Had a protein drink and a piece of toast for Breakfast - now 2 hours later my Numbers are sky high!!  Drives me crazy for these unknown reasons.


That is frustrating!  All morning food is a little tough to figure out.  I am assuming you knew the carbs on the two items you mentioned.... Is it possible you were dropping low during your workout and are seeing a rebound?

I don’t know you or anybody else really – well enough to give advice.  I know what I watch for with me…

Keep us posted and I’m sure some of the other people probably have some better ideas…



if it makes you feel better, when i exercise instead of my blood sugars dropping they spike.  Instead of me exercising and going low, i test after a work out, and an hour later and will be SKY HIGH...for no reason.  my body hates me and my diabetes, they are both trying to kill me i have figured out.  My body never does anything its supposed to.  I go low if i give any insulin for a high blood sugar after drinking...i mean ANY amount, i go high after exercise, and to keep within range once i get my blood sugars there i have to test at least 6 times a day...anything less and they do whatever they want.  I can test 6 times a day for a week be perfect number then one day test 5 times without changing a thing (other than missing one test) and have my numbers everywhere for no reason......its very very frustrating.

That is EXACTLY what happens to me.  I test at least 8x a day.   and one minute my numbers are perfect - w/i 10 minutes they have either shot through the roof or dropped to the cellar.    I can totally relate.


I have had the same issues with exercise and blood sugar especially in the morning and the afternoons.  I do not know what type of therapy you are on, pump or injections so I can't say anything will work for sure.  However when my numbers were spiking post workout my endocrinologist explained to me how insulin resistance is higher in the morning which can cause your numbers to spike after the stress of exercise.  Even if I was 100 before working out (running, lifting, etc.) I could be 250+ an hour later.  The fix to this was to eat a small snack (yogurt, 1/2 protein bar, etc.) and take the appropriate insulin to cover it prior to working out.  This can be especially important if you have not eaten anything prior to working out.  Essentially the insulin helps to counter your body's natural higher resistance in the morning.

Hope this helps.