Exercise and ketones

Hello, I am new to the site but not type 1. My daughter has had diabetes for 4 years and is a good gymnast. She made the team and is now practicing 3 hours a night 3 times a week. She also has seizures, which require a special diet. She eats about 20 carbs a day and is constantly in ketoses. Are any of you on an Atkins type diet or exercising with blood ketones present? Also if anyone is pumping and eating Greek yogurt how far out are you running a duel wave and do you cover any of the protein?

You don't need to cover the protein of Greek yogurt.  Just experiment and find the dual wave rate that works best for your daughter.

Keytones are only scary if they're caused by DKA.  Since your daughter is eating low carb, low keytones are normal.  Just make sure she drinks lots of water to flush them from her body.  

Your daughter sounds so talented!  That's really cool that she's on the gymnastics team.  I hope she does great.