Exercise and Lows

Hey guys,

So next semester I'll be taking a total conditioning gym class at college and I'm trying to get in shape now... and lose the weight I gained since I started college a few months ago! oops...

Anyway, I've been jogging/running for 30 minutes on my elliptical at 9 a.m.... and then having 3 or 4 lows in the following 24 hours. And I eat back all the calories I lost because of treating the lows.

Help! I've cut back on my breakfast ratio... to a 1:20 now, as compared to a 1:6 at school... and today I just put myself on a 24-hour 75% temp basal to see if that helps.

Any other ideas?



I always exercise less than 30 minutes after a meal so I will have enough carbs to cover the exercise, and not have to eat extra. I have glucose tablets or jelly beans, and my glucometer with me at all times when exercising. I test before, half way through and after exercising. I rarely have a low with this routine, but my exercise is less strenuous than yours. I'm not sure what complications a more strenuous exercise would cause. I guess I would test even more frequently.

you can try longer exercise but lower intensity so idk like an hour but half speed and also eat before you go and exercise. One other thing is that you can do is eat lots of healthy carbs  

Record every blood sugar reading and every action you take which you believe could affect your sugar, as well as the situation/context your reading was taken in. Good advice always, but critical to understand your personal response to exercise.

Review your readings to spot patterns.  Fix any problems through:

-eating different things (tablets vs bread vs peanut butter)

-eating different amounts (7 tablets vs 88 tablets (you never know...))

-taking more/less insulin (chaning basals is most effective for me, rather than tinkering carb ratios, that's just me though)

Also, I see you have just tried to set a 24 hour temp basal.  Since you are going to be doing this more often, perhaps more than 50% of days, why not create a different "day" in your pump (with the adjusted basals, ratios as per above)...just easier for me.

Of course your body's response to exercise is not necessarily static over long periods of time, it can change too!

Best of luck and have fun!


Thanks, everyone, for replying!

Richard- good thought. I do wait about an hour after I finish eating... I'll try running a bit sooner. I do test after exercising, making sure to wait until my heart rate has gone down. And, I am inside on the elliptical exercising, so glucose tabs and my meter are always close by.

Fred- I actually go for a walk every night, it's 2 miles taking 40 minutes, so I've kind of already got that covered-- I am trying to run in the morning and walk after dinner. But thanks, good point! I am really trying to turn myself into a runner... let's hope it works! :)

D-Link- I write down everything! You're right, it is very helpful. I keep a log sheet and I am recording everything, including what I eat to treat lows. I always treat with tabs, then when it's above 70, I will eat crackers or cereal AND peanut butter or cheese. And I also do vary the amount of tabs depending on how low the reading is/how low I feel. I do think I will use a pattern in my pump, probably Pattern B, for these days. I have 3 patterns I can use, and only 1 that I actually use currently, so why not? Good thinking on your part. Over the next couple weeks it will be every day but at school it will be Tuesday and Thursday so that would be a good idea to just have another pattern. And for goodness sakes, let's hope I never need 88 tabs... I believe my record was 9 for one low... yikes! :)

but always remember to switch ur workouts too dont wana plateau