Exercise makes my Bg go up now?

Okay, so I am about five or six weeks along. I have noticed during the past week that walking does not help my blood sugar go down, like usual, it makes it seem to spike! So needless to say I have been avoiding physical activity (which is driving me crazy since I am a very active person). Has anyone else experienced this?


I had my insulin adjusted every week from four weeks on. You will need to keep in contact with your doctor so they can help you adjust accordingly. Don’t give up on being active it’s good for you! If you ever need advice don’t hesitate to ask!! @gina

Interesting, because today I noticed that my insulin needs have been increasing weekly too. And this has been happening since week four. I can’t wait for my endo appointment on Friday! I have so many questions about what I can and can not do. Mostly with activities since I love my exercise. I had found a nice little 1st trimester yoga video online, but I am wondering if I should wait to talk to my doctor to start doing it. I began to do it, and when it got to the cat-cow pose I had a little discomfort in my abdominal area. Did you have these sensations in your tummy? I feel like I shouldn’t feel stretching this early on, but this is my first pregnancy so I do not know what to expect really.

Sounds like we are about the same number of weeks along - I’m seven and a half weeks now. In weeks four and five, I definitely had a “stretching” feeling in my abdominal area, from what I found, I think that’s totally normal. I hope your first appointment on Friday went well!

If I were you, I would keep a close eye on your BG’s, correct when necessary, but don’t stop exercising. It’s so important throughout your pregnancy to stay active, not only for your physical health, but for your baby’s health and for your blood sugars.