Exercise tips

So my college offers a free YMCA membership and I obviously decided to take up on it today. My only question, I haven't really worked out in a while (I'd say at least 6 months) and I need some tips as to how to get back into the swing of things. I'm not really looking to loose much weight (I'm a healthy 120 at 5ft), although I'd be happy to loose like 5 or at least build some more lean muscle.

Also, I started the pump a few months back and was wondering how much you guys decrease your basal (50, 60 or 70%?). and how much before you actually go to work out. I'm trying to squeeze in about an hour each day between my classes.  

My main motivation for exercise is to be healthy, not loose weight. I also suffer from mild hypertension and when I exercise it really helps. What do you guys do? Whats fun?




Pat just covered a number of good basics over at: http://juvenation.org/forums/t/7957.aspx

My two cents on how much to increase/decrease your basal is that you're going to have to experiment.  When you're starting out, try to exercise at a similar time with similar food intake ahead of time, it should give you a pretty good baseline, pretty quickly on what you need to do to change your basals.  Don't be surprised if your sensitity changes (and therefore basals need another tweak) as you get in better shape.  Depending on the workout, I will lower my basal 35-40 (-30%) minutes ahead OR, raise it (+45%) about 30 minutes before. 

While I can tell you what I do, unfortunately it probably won't mean that much in terms of what will work for you.  Close observation and analysis always wins ;)

Good luck and keep us posted.I'll be curious to know how you progress!